Registration Procedures

The number of characters written in the space is limited, and how should I count the letters?

For English, the number of characters is counted, not the number of words. Also, each space counts as one character and so does each line break.

I entered the awards last year. Do I need to re-register?

If you already have an account from last year, just log in with your e-mail address and password to create your entries.

What should I do when the screening information of an entry is changed after registration?

To conduct fair screenings, we do not accept any changes after the entry deadline.

What should I do when the section for registering "Brand/Model" does not have enough space because we have many models?

If the section does not have enough space, please edit the content to the extent that we can specify the appropriate items before filling it in. We manage all data for the GOOD DESIGN AWARD by models of entries / awarded works, from the screenings to award announcement/G Mark usage. Therefore, it is required that all models be clarified at the time of application.

How should I fill in the section for price when an entry is a leased product?

Please fill in the space for price unit in a comprehensible way such as "yen/year (lease fee)".

Does the absence of a patent application have an impact on screening?

There are no direct relations between screenings and the presence or absence of design registration or design application. The applicant shall bear all responsibility related to intellectual property rights, including design rights, and the responsibility related to quality and safety.

I need to withdraw the application after registration.

When it becomes difficult to continue the screenings of an entry, you can withdraw the application at any time during the period from the completion of application registration procedures to the award announcement date. Please make sure to notify the Office in writing via email or facsimile transmission. There are some cases where the payment for screening fees and exhibition fees is required according to the timing of withdrawal notification.


Good Design Award is operated by Japan Institute of Design Promotion.