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Screening Procedures

How is the 1st screening carried out?

The 1st screening and the 2nd screening are carried out by a screening unit of 4-6 jury members of approximately 100 jury members in total. Each screening unit will judge the responsible category for entry. The 1st screening is conducted based on the information provided by applicants at the time of application. After an individual screening of each jury member, each screening unit holds a meeting to determine the results by mutual agreement.

Will the results of 1st screening be made public?

The 1st screening result will not be made public and will need to be checked by the applicant through the Entry Site.

Can I make the news of passing 1st screening public?

Please don't publish the results if you passed 1st screening, it is not winning the award.
GOOD DESIGN AWARD will only announce the awarded works on the day of the award announcement, and will not announce the passing status and results of each stage of the screening process.

When will the 2nd screening guide be published?

2nd screening guide will be published 1-2 weeks before the date of notification of the 1st screening results.

What is the hearing screening?

Hearing screening is the screening in which applicants and judges ask and answer questions orally so that "the judges can deepen their understanding of the entry". Only the applications specified by the jury will be conducted. Not all entries will be subject to hearing screening, we do not accept the applicants' requests and applications for hearing screening.
In principle, it will be held on the second day of the 2nd screening. The implementation method also depends on the screening unit. G Mark office will notify the applicable applicant about the date, time, place, and method of hearing screening.
Non-participation will not adversely affect the screening. However, the organizer recommends that applicants actively respond to the requests of the judging committee.

Is it possible to substitute a model for the final product of an unsold product when it is not ready in time for the 2nd screening?

2nd screening will be based on the actual products of the entries, which in principle should submit the works that are identical to the actual product.
If the actual product cannot be submitted due to production reasons, a "final production model" that is functionally and cosmetically identical to the final product may be submitted.
However, depending on the degree of completion of the model, it may be judged ineligible for entry.

Which entries will be selected for the on-site screening?

On-site screening is sometimes implemented for entries that are deemed to require on-site confirmation, such as architecture and large-scale equipment. However, this method of screening does not accept applications from applicants.

How to apply for on-site screening if I want the jury members to be able to confirm the actual product?

The Judging Committee decides whether a work will be judged on-site or not, and does not accept applications from applicants. The organizer will contact the designated applicants individually.

Will the screening fee increase if designated for on-site screening?

In the case of on-site screening at the request of the Judging Committee, the applicants are required to pay for the actual costs of the transportation of the jury member and the accompanying organizer's staff on top of the normal payment for the 2nd screening.

Does 2nd screening require an additional display fee?

The cost of one basic display space (1 square meter) is included in the 2nd screening fee for each entry. Additional display space will be charged separately. In addition, when applying for electricity supply, applicants are required to pay for the construction and use of electricity.

Do all electrical appliances, etc. need to be powered on for screening?

Please present the products operable for the products in which their usability or essential point of design cannot be presented when the power is off. If a power supply is required, please request it when registering the 2nd screening information.

Can the applicant be present at the 2nd screening?

Only jury members and organizer staff can enter the venue of the 2nd screening. The venue is closed to all applicants.

Can I visit the venue during the move-in and move-out of the 2nd screening?

It is prohibited to linger or visit the venue. Please come to the venue within the time specified by the organizer for moving in, setting up and moving out of the works, and leave the venue promptly after completion.

I would like to show the video in the 2nd screening session. Can I enter the venue for playback and setup?

Applicants are not allowed to enter the venue during the screening period.
If it is necessary to show the movie, please set up the automatic playback on the move-in day and create an operation guide to submit to the on-site staff. Please refer to the 2nd screening guide for details.

I have multiple entries. Will entries from the same company be put together at the 2nd screening session?

The layout of the 2nd screening venue is determined by the entry number and the display type etc. Even for the same company or connected entry numbers, the display locations may not be adjacent to each other. The Organizer does not accept requests from applicants to specify the location of their displays.

Can I make the news of passing 2nd screening public?

Entries that have passed the 2nd screening are only "award offer" at the notification stage and will become official winners only after the organizer officially announces the winners on the date of the award announcement.
The period from the result notification date to the announcement date is the preparation period for the award.
Even if an entry has passed the 2nd screening, whether it is an individual or a company, it is strictly prohibited to publicize information about the passing 2nd screening, award offer, and getting the award on social networks and other media before the official award announcement.


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