Screening Procedures

How is the 1st screening carried out?

The 1st screening and the 2nd screening are carried out by a screening unit of 3-6 judges of approximately 90 judges in total. Each screening unit will judge the responsible category for entry. The 1st screening is conducted based on the information provided by applicants at the time of application. After an individual screening of each judge, each screening unit holds a meeting to determine the results by mutual agreement.
We will notify the 1st screening results of each applicant via the Entry Site on June 27.

What is a "hearing screening"?

The hearing screening is the screening in which applicants and judges ask and answer questions orally so that "the judges can deepen their understanding of the entry". Only the applications specified by the jury will be conducted. Not all entries will be subject to hearing screening, we do not accept the applicants' requests and applications for hearing screening.
In principle, it will be held on the second day of the 2nd screening. The implementation method also depends on the screening unit. G Mark office will notify the applicable applicant about the date, time, place and method of hearing screening.
You may not "be disadvantaged if you do not participate", but we recommend applicants to participate in the interactive hearing for entries for which an explanation will give a better understanding.

When we apply with not-on-sale products, and the final product will not be produced in time for the 2nd screening, can we use a mockup model as a substitute?

The 2nd screening is the "screening for design" carried out with an actual product, so the screened item should be basically the same as the final product which users will get. However, in the event of inevitable cause due to production schedule, a "final production model" which has completely the same function and appearance, etc. may be accepted. However, there is a possibility that the model may not be screened properly, depending on the state of their completion.

For what kind of entries do you carry out an "on-site screening"?

the on-site screening may be carried out for entries that are judged that we require to confirm the works on the site, such as architecture or large equipment. However, this screening will not be carried out based on the application or desire of applicants. We will inform applicants of the objects requiring these screenings.

Does the on-site screening for architecture require additional cost to applicants?

Applicants will bear actual expenses for the on-site screening carried out at the request of the Judging Committee, including the transportation cost of a judge and accompanying staff members, etc. in addition to the 2nd screening fee. However, these screenings will not be carried out based on the application or desire of applicants. We will inform applicants of the works requiring these screenings.

Does the 2nd screening require display fees?

The 2nd screening fee includes the display fees. Additional space or special options require additional fees.
Also, if products need electricity, applicants will bear the expenses of electrical construction and electricity use.

Are all electronic products screened when the power is on?

Please present the products operable for the products in which their usability or essential point of design cannot be presented when the power is off. If you need a power supply, please inform us through the Entry Site of the GOOD DESIGN AWARD.

Can applicants be present at the 2nd screening?

Only judges and organizer staff can enter the venue of the 2nd screening. The venue is closed to all applicants.

Will a product that has not yet been announced at the stage of the award announcement be announced?

All awarded works must be released on the award announcement day. Please note that any work that cannot be announced on this day will not be eligible for application.


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