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G Mark Usage

What effects can we expect by using G Mark?

"G Mark (G Mark trademark)", which indicates the receipt of the GOOD DESIGN AWARD, has been used since 1957 when the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (Japanese government) started this G Mark system. Due to the activities which have been accumulated since then, the recognition rate of G Mark has reached an average of nearly 80% in Japan nationwide. Besides, consumers consider a product with a G Mark logo to be a "high-quality product" which has excellent appearance and quality, and use the G Mark as a reference for purchase decisions.

Do we have to use G Mark logos?

Utilization of G Mark is on a voluntary basis. We are expecting that the increase of awarded works with G Mark logos facilitates consumers' understanding of good design, and generates good circulation which generates the advantage of G Mark awarded works.

Who can use G Mark?

The winners of the GOOD DESIGN AWARD can use the G Mark. The winner, such as the company whose name is written on the commendation certificate of the GOOD DESIGN AWARD as a winner, can use G Mark for its PR and sales activities. In the case that the award is shared by two or more companies, all companies can use G Mark after one of the winners applies for the G Mark usage and obtains the approval of the organizer.
When a third-party relating to media or distribution companies other than winners wants to use G Mark, please inform the outline of the purpose of the utilization to us. We will determine whether it is appropriate after receiving detailed information about the content.

What procedures do we need to take for using G Mark?

An awarded company takes procedures to conclude the license agreement of "G Mark trademark" obtained by JDP. An applicant will submit an "Application to Use G Mark". We will issue the "G Mark Usage Permission Certificate" after confirming the payment of the usage fee by the applicant. After that, the applicant can use G Mark with the awarded work specified in the contract for one year from the starting date written in the "G Mark Usage Permission Certificate"

Are there any specific colors or sizes when using G Mark in paper mediums such as catalogs?

Are there any specific colors or sizes when using G Mark in paper mediums such as catalogs?

Can we try using G Mark before applying for G Mark usage?

Winners can use G Mark free of charge without any applications during the "PR Campaign Period (One month from the date of announcement of the award) ". Please conduct intensive PR for the awarded work during this period and emphasize the value of G Mark usage in your company.

Can we continuously use G Mark or temporarily stop using it?

If you want to continue the contract for G Mark usage, you can take procedures for continuing usage 3 months prior to the expiry of the contract. You can reapply for the usage after you temporarily stop using G Mark at the expiry of the contract, but you cannot temporarily stop during the contract period.

When an awarded work is changed for improvements, can we continuously use G Mark?

It is possible, depending on the content. When you use G Mark for an awarded work after the specification change including the change of its name or model number, please submit a designated alteration report. You can continuously use G Mark, depending on the degree and the contents of the change. The alteration report only notifies of a "change of application range of G Mark usage", so receipt of the report does not mean the change of the awarded work itself. Therefore, the open information on the website or in the Yearbook cannot be changed.

Can I use G Mark in countries or regions other than Japan?

Yes, you can. However, only the types of “GOOD DESIGN AWARD + year” can be used. It is not possible to use the types that only show “GOOD DESIGN”. Please check with the organizer if you want to use it.


Good Design Award is operated by Japan Institute of Design Promotion.