Call for Entry
Call for Entry


What is the focus of the screening? What kind of design is considered "good design"?

The screening of the GOOD DESIGN AWARD emphasizes whether or not the design of an entry "can contribute to the enrichment of life and society" and "can serve as a good model for future social development," i.e., whether or not it is of value and significance to society or the user.
Therefore, the screening of the GOOD DESIGN AWARD makes a comprehensive judgment as to whether a work is a Good Design from the "screening perspectives" based on multidimensional thinking consisting of a variety of viewpoints.

What are the characteristics of GOOD DESIGN AWARD screening?

GOOD DESIGN AWARD considers design to be a series of processes that "centers on people, identifies the purpose, implements the plan, and achieves the purpose," and positions the newly created object as "a design solution.
Therefore, the review not only asks "whether the answer is appropriate for the purpose," but also focuses on the ideas, thinking, and methodologies used to derive the answer, and whether these ideas, thinking, and methodologies "can guide the chains of creativity for the future of society." This is the most important feature of the screening of the GOOD DESIGN AWARD.

How is the GOOD DESIGN AWARD philosophy reflected in the screening?

The GOOD DESIGN AWARD presents 5 fundamental themes that we must face from time to time as the award ideals.
These ideals play a role in the screening to ensure a common ground between the jury members.

What aspects of the entries do the jury members focus on?

Firstly, the jury members understand the "new value of the entries in society" through the information submitted by the applicants, and consider their appropriateness.
Secondly, before identifying the specific "form and mechanism", they judge its relationship to the design concept. In other words, they look at whether the form and mechanism designed are consistent with the purpose envisioned at the planning stage, and then they judge whether the design is reasonable or not.
In addition, they also carefully observe what kind of new value the design can bring to life and society, and whether it can be realized.

Are the number of awards and pass rates set?

The GOOD DESIGN AWARD does not have a set number of awards or a pass rate. In 2023, the number of entries was 5,447, and the number of awards was 1,548, which may not be a small number if you look at the number of awards alone, but when you break it down into the tangible and intangible categories, the number of awards is still relatively small.


Good Design Award is operated by Japan Institute of Design Promotion.