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GOOD DESIGN AWARD is a social movement to make people's lives, industries, and society more well-off through design. Since its start in 1957, it has gained widespread support along with its logo G Mark. GOOD DESIGN AWARD is for products, architecture, software, systems, and services that are relevant to people. Whether visible or invisible, anything that is constructed for some ideal or purpose is considered as design, and its quality is evaluated and honored.

In an ever more complex society, design has become indispensable for solving problems and discovering new ones, and people's expectations of design are gradually rising. The GOOD DESIGN AWARD helps people to discover the possibilities of design and expand the fields where design can be used through screening and a wide range of promotion, and is dedicated to a well-off society where everyone can enjoy creative life.

GOOD DESIGN AWARD is not a competition system to evaluate the merits of the design, but a mechanism to obtain new "discoveries" through the evaluation, and "share" with society together with G Mark to facilitate the next " innovation".


GOOD DESIGN AWARD has set up the "GOOD DESIGN AWARD ideals" with 5 root themes that people must face frequently.


About G Mark

Gマークロゴ (文字なし)

A symbol of communication between the creators and users

GOOD DESIGN AWARD has been recognizing "good design" for more than 60 years since it was founded in 1957. G Mark plays an important role as the interface between this movement and society. It is a symbolic mark of winning the GOOD DESIGN AWARD, and communication between society and design practice. It is the intellectual property of the Japan Institute of Design Promotion and can only be used for the GOOD DESIGN AWARD works.

*Application is required to use the G Mark (trademark).

G Mark gains creditability of users

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According to a survey conducted in February 2020, 83.6% of people responded that they have heard about the "GOOD DESIGN AWARD". Also, 81.0% of people responded that they knew the "G Mark". According to this survey, the types of "public perception of the G Mark" are as follows in decreasing order of response rate. In short, users recognize the products with the "G Mark" as "attractive, user-friendly, and high quality products".

  1. Attractive appearance

  2. Excellent in function and performance

  3. High quality

  4. User-friendly

G Mark contributes to improving the corporate image


According to a survey conducted in January 2017, 61.5% of people responded that they consider companies awarded with the GOOD DESIGN AWARD as "companies having a good sense", 55.9% responded "companies good at manufacturing", and 33% responded "era-leading state-of-the-art companies". The G Mark contributes to improving both product and corporate images.

Design of G Mark

G Mark was designed by Yusaku Kamekura, a Japanese legend designer, in 1957 for the "Good Design Products Selection System" (the predecessor of GOOD DESIGN AWARD). Since then, the system has been known as the "G Mark System" and the G Mark is known to the public as a proof of trust between industry and living.

Yusaku Kamekura

Born in Niigata Prefecture on April 6, 1915. Studied at Institute for New Architecture and Industrial Art. Joined Nippon Kobo. Provided art direction for "NIPPON" and "Kaupapu," advertising magazines for foreigners. Organized "Yusaku Kamekura Graphic Design Exhibition" at the Museum of Modern Art, Kamakura in 1953. Participated in "Graphic '55 exhibition" at Takashimaya Nihombashi Store in 1955. Participated as a founding member of the Nippon Design Center in 1960. Established Kamekura Design Office in 1962. Awarded various major prizes in Japan since 1961, including the Education Minister's Art Encouragement Prize, Mainichi Art Award, Asahi Prize, Japan Inter-Design Forum Award for International Culture, Medal of Honor with Purple Ribbon, Third Class Order of the Sacred Treasure, Person of Cultural Merit (Agency for Cultural Affairs), and Commendation of Meritorious Designers (Ministry of International Trade and Industry). Also received numerous awards at international Biennale exhibitions held in Warsaw, Brno, Lahti, etc. Deceased on May 11, 1997, at age 82.


Good Design Award is operated by Japan Institute of Design Promotion.