G Mark usage

Usage instructions

GOOD DESIGN AWARD winners can use the G Mark in any media for 1 year after applying for the G Mark usage and completing the payment of the usage fee. Organizer established the regulations for the G Mark usage. The winner should confirm the following regulations and rules before using the G Mark.

G Mark usage regulations

The regulations summarize the main points regarding the G Mark usage in 2023. For more details, please refer to the "G Mark usage guidelines", "G Mark usage rules" and "G Mark usage fee schedule".


G Mark usage guidelines

The organizer established guidelines that must be followed when using the G Mark in order for it to be properly recognized as a brand. These guidelines include the specific use of the G Mark and prohibitions, etc. Winners should apply for the G Mark usage on the basis of their agreement to abide by these guidelines.


G Mark usgae rules

The rules establish the conditions for the G Mark usage for GOOD DESIGN AWARD products and services when conducting promotional activities and sales promotion activities. Winners should use the G Mark in compliance with these rules.


Good Design Award is operated by Japan Institute of Design Promotion.