Cooperation with design awards

With the aim of encouraging and developing the design of emerging countries/regions, GOOD DESIGN AWARD currently has business partnerships with design awards in Thailand, India, Singapore, Turkey, and Indonesia, sharing expertise and cooperating on promotional activities. Winners of these awards are exempted from the 1st screening of the GOOD DESIGN AWARD and are allowed to participate in the 2nd screening.

Design Excellence Award SI Mark SSGマーク SDesign Turkey SGood Design Indonesia SGood Design Award Philippines Slogo gda laosTaiwan International Student Design Competition SGolden Pin Design Award SDFA Awrads SD&AD S
Partnership with Design Excellence Award (Thailand)
Design Excellence Award S

In March 2008, the Thai government established the Design Excellence Award as an institution for the promotion of design. The Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP), which had lent its support in setting up the award, and the Thai Department of Export Promotion (the current Department of International Trade Promotion) inked a cooperation agreement between the GOOD DESIGN AWARD and the Design Excellence Award.

Design Excellence Award メイン
Design Excellence Award サブ 1
Design Excellence Award サブ 2
Partnership with India Design Mark
I Mark

In April 2010, the JDP and the India Design Council, India's organization for the execution of design policy, entered into a cooperation agreement for design promotion. Following this, the GOOD DESIGN AWARD provided support and expertise in how to set up and operate a national design award based on their model, culminating in the formation of the India Design Mark (I Mark) in 2012. Experts from Japan have also joined in the judging process, and the design awards have continued to operate without a hitch. The GOOD DESIGN AWARD has exhibited its award recipients alongside Indian products at the I Mark's screening hall when it is open to the public, in order to promote Japanese products in the Indian market. Since 2013, I Mark winners can be admitted directly into the second screening in the GOOD DESIGN AWARD, automatically passing the first screening, and vice versa. This has only made it easier to promote Japanese products in the Indian market, and mutual cooperation between these two institutions continues to progress.

インド「I Mark」との連携 1
インド「I Mark」との連携 2
インド「I Mark」との連携 3
インド「I Mark」との連携 4
Partnership with Singapore Good Design

Since 2012, the JDP has been cooperating with the Singapore Design Council (DSG), an organization within the Ministry of Communications and Information, on the formation of a national design award based on Singapore's design policies. In December 2013, the JDP inked a memorandum of understanding for cooperation on design awards and promotion with the Design Business Chamber Singapore (DBCS), an association of business leaders and designers as well as a branch of the DSG. In March 2014, the first Singapore Good Design Mark (SG Mark) awards were held, and experts from Japan also joined in the judging. SG Mark winners can be admitted directly into the second screening of the GOOD DESIGN AWARD, and the same is true for G Mark winners in the SG Mark screenings. In this way, the GOOD DESIGN AWARD provides an opportunity to make inroads into Singapore, one of Asia's major economic hubs.

シンガポール「SG Mark」との連携 1
シンガポール「SG Mark」との連携 2
シンガポール「SG Mark」との連携 3
シンガポール「SG Mark」との連携 4
Partnership with Design Turkey
Design Turkey

In 2017, MOU was signed up with the Industrial Designers' Society of Turkey and the cooperation started with "Design Turkey" the national design award in corporation with the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Trade and the Turkish Exporters Assembly. Turkey has a rich history and background in manufacturing and Design Turkey aims to develop a "national brand" by design. This cooperation enables Turkish products to be introduced in the global market as well as Japanese.

トルコ「Design Turkey」との連携 1
トルコ「Design Turkey」との連携 2
トルコ「Design Turkey」との連携 3
トルコ「Design Turkey」との連携 4
Partnership with Good Design Indonesia
Good Design Indonesia

Through several communications including visit exchange and tutorial sessions with the Ministry of Trade, Republic of Indonesia since 2014, "Good Design Indonesia" was established in 2017 as the national and comprehensive design award, and JDP signed MOU with them. It aims to promote the competitiveness of Indonesian products in the global market by design. In 2018, one of the GDI products won Good Design Gold Award and was featured in various media.

インドネシア「Good Design Indonesia」との連携 1
インドネシア「Good Design Indonesia」との連携 2
インドネシア「Good Design Indonesia」との連携 3
インドネシア「Good Design Indonesia」との連携 4
Partnership with Good Design Award Philippines
Good Design Award Philippines

After a break due to the COVID-19 situation, we officially began collaborating with the Good Design Award Philippines from 2022, which was established in 2019. Established by the Philippine Design Center, the award is a biennial, nationwide program that seeks to identify local designers and companies that realize outstanding designs that embody the universal design value of "malasakit" (compassion), which is a unique value to the Philippines.

フィリピン「Good Design Award Philippines」との連携 1
フィリピン「Good Design Award Philippines」との連携 2
フィリピン「Good Design Award Philippines」との連携 3
フィリピン「Good Design Award Philippines」との連携 4
Cooperation with Taiwan International Student Design Competition
Taiwan International Student Design Competition

Taiwan International Student Design Competition is the world's largest student design competition, operated by the Department of Visual Communication Design, Asia University, and sponsored by iSee Taiwan Foundation, etc., launched in 2010. Each year, a theme is set and entries are accepted and judged from three fields: product design, visual design, and digital animation. iSee Taiwan Foundation, which is the operating entity, signed a collaboration agreement with JDP and cooperates in the establishment of the JDP Special Award, the dispatch of a jury, and the assisting in seminars.

Cooperation with Golden Pin Design Award
Golden Pin Design Award

Golden Pin Design Award is one of the most prestigious design award in Greater China, operated by the Taiwan Design Research Institute (TDRI), launched in 1981. It encourages excellent designs inspired by the life and culture of the Chinese character circle. Winners not only have the opportunity to display and promote their designs, but also have access to local sales channels and participate in POP UP events, etc. Taiwan Design Research Institute, which is the operator of the award, signed an MOU with JDP and cooperated in promotion and work recommendation, etc.

Cooperation with DFA Awards
DFA Awrads

DFA Awards is established by the Hong Kong Design Centre (HKDC) in 2003. It aims to promote the role of designers in society and to recognize the outstanding design from Asia that has influenced Asia. It consists of DFA Design for Asia Awards, DFA Lifetime Achievement Award, DFA Design Leadership Award, DFA World's Outstanding Chinese Designer, and DFA Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award. Hong Kong Design Centre, which is the organizer of the award, signed an MOU with JDP and cooperated in promotion and exhibition, etc.

Cooperation with Design and Art Direction (D&AD)

Design and Art Direction (D&AD) is a pioneering design award in the field of design, mainly in the areas of advertising and graphic communication, launched in 1963. It aims to recognize creative excellence that will open up the future. "Black Pencil" and "Yellow Pencil" are the symbols of creative excellence and the goals of creators around the world. The award organizer, D&AD signed an MOU with JDP to promote each other.

Cooperation with design organizations

GOOD DESIGN AWARD is engaged in cooperation with design promotion agencies in many countries and regions.

Partnership with World Design Organization
World Design Organizationとの連携

World Design Organization(WDO)is an international non-governmental organization to promote the profession of industrial design and its ability to generate a better society. As an organization with the United Nations Special Consultative Status, it aims to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by design. Currently, it has 173 members from more than 40 countries and Japan Industrial Design Association, Chiba University, Musashino Art University, Tama Art University, and JDP join from Japan. Since 2019, JDP representatives elected to the Board of Directors.

World Design Organization
Cooperation with design organizations

GOOD DESIGN AWARD is involved in cooperation with the following design organizations, both from overseas and within Japan.

  • Associazione per il Disegno Industriale / ADI

  • Confederation of Indian Industry / CII

  • Corporate Synergy Development Center, Taiwan / CSD

  • D&AD

  • Daegu Gyeongbuk Design Center / DGDC

  • Design & Crafts Council Ireland / DCCI

  • Design Center of the Philippines / DCP

  • Design Singapore Council / DSG


  • Gwangju Design Center / GDC

  • Hong Kong Design Centre / HKDC

  • Industrial Designers Society of Turkey / ETMK

  • Industrial Technology Research Institute / ITRI

  • International Council of Design / ico-D

  • International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers / IFI

  • Japan Industrial Design Association / JIDA

  • Japan Interior Designer's Association / JID

  • Japan Package Design Association / JPDA

  • Japan Graphic Designers Association / JAGDA

  • Japan Jewellery Designers Association / JJDA

  • Japan Sign Design Association / SDA

  • Japan Design Space Association / DSA

  • Japan Design Protect Association / JDPA

  • Korea Association of Industrial Designers / KAID

  • Korea Institute of Design Promotion / KIDP

  • Metal Industries Research & Development Centre / MIRDC

  • Seoul Design Foundation / SDF

  • Taiwan Design Research Institute / TDRI

  • The International Association of Universities and Colleges of Art, Design and Media / CUMULUS

  • The Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects / SIA


Good Design Award is operated by Japan Institute of Design Promotion.