Why choose the GOOD DESIGN AWARD?

GOOD DESIGN AWARD is the only comprehensive design evaluation and promotion mechanism in Japan. Winners can use the symbol mark, G Mark to promote their works, highlight their achievements and, gain various values.
Achievement, honor
GOOD DESIGN AWARD has been recognized by a wide range of lifestylers for more than 60 years since its establishment in 1957. The awarded works will leave a solid mark as GOOD DESIGN.
Reliability, recognition
GOOD DESIGN AWARD is globally known and recognized by domestic and international designers. It helps to increase the recognition and reliability of awarded works and awarded companies.
Symbol of social significance
GOOD DESIGN AWARD promotes problem-solving through design and focuses on the significance of design to people and society. The awarded works will be considered a design that will improve future society.
Award value
Winning the GOOD DESIGN AWARD means that you can communicate to people that your work is a GOOD DESIGN that leads society, which will not only increase the recognition of your work and promote sales, but will also enhance your company image and value.
Collection to the largest design exhibition database in Japan
年間約500万人利用の 受賞ギャラリー掲載
Awarded works will be displayed in Japan's largest design exhibition database, which has collected all awarded works since 1957 and is used by 5 million visitors per year.
Use G Mark to promote sales
Gマークを活用した 販売促進
G Mark can be used in a wide range of promotional activities such as press releases, SNS, and product packaging (over 80% recognition rate in Japan*).
*Survey conducted in February 2020
Receive expert evaluations
有識者による 評価コメント獲得
All awarded works will receive an "evaluation" from design experts in Japan and abroad and can be used in various promotional activities.
Get exposure to Japanese and international media
テレビや新聞、 海外メディアへの掲載
In addition to the exposure opportunities in Japanese media, the GOOD DESIGN AWARD, as an internationally renowned design award, will also receive high attention from international media.
Expand channels for retail stores and online sales
実店舗・オンライン ストアでの販路拡大
Have the opportunity to sell in retail stores and online stores that only sell awarded items.
Participate in GOOD DESIGN EXHIBITION and award ceremony
表彰式・ 受賞祝賀会への参加
Winners will be able to participate in the GOOD DESIGN EXHIBITION in Tokyo Midtown, where all the awarded works will be displayed, and will also be invited to the award ceremony and other awards celebration events, where they can interact with the jury members and other winners.
Feedback from the winners
(Survey conducted in 2022)
Increase the popularity
Increase access to the website
Improve presence and evaluation within the company
Increase the motivation of the related people
Increase the credibility with the customers and business partners
Increase inquiries from media and trading
Got new customer
Increase sales
Not only did we increase media coverage and inquiries, but we also increased the motivation of those involved and brand awareness, and promoted new developments.
Advertising, Publishing, Printing
The award has brought us a different evaluation than the sales performance, and we are now discussing the development of the second generation of products.
According to the sales department, when the customer learned that we won the award, the attitude in the negotiation changed obviously. We are very pleased to be a candidate for the award.
Information, Communication
All things tangible and intangible are eligible to participate in the GOOD DESIGN AWARD. Warmly welcome those who care about users, society, and meaningful design to participate!

Application period

April 4, 13:00 ~ May 24, 13:00 JST

Award announcement

October 5

Award promotion starts from this day

This year's entry categories
Accessories and Wearable
Personal Care
Stationery and Hobby
Household Goods
Home Appliances
Audio, Video Equipment
ICT Equipment
Equipment and Facilities for Manufacturing and Medical Care
Housing Fixtures
Furniture / Equipment and Facilities for Office and Public Space
(Detached House and Small Sized Housing Complex & Cohousing)
(Medium to Large Sized Housing Complex & Cohousing)
(Industry and Commercial Facility)
Public Facility, Civil Structure and Landscape
Media and Contents
System and Service
Initiative and Activity for Regional
Initiative and Activity for the General Public
The 5 key points you need to know before the application


Application procedures

Application method


Award rate

Applicants can be either the business owners of the entries or the design contractor.
Business owners of the entry
Producers and sellers of products, owners of building facilities, providers of software and media, providers of service businesses, organizers of businesses and events, organizers of development and research, etc., who are responsible for the works.
Design contractor
Contractor involved in the design, production, and development of the entries, architects, design offices, individual designers, etc.
*If there are multiple business owners and design contractors involved in the entries, joint applications are possible.
*Both individuals and corporations are eligible to apply if they are primarily responsible for the entries.
Application procedures
The whole process lasts for one year, starting from the application in April, going through the 1st screening, the 2nd screening, preparation for the award announcement, and the award promotion until March of the following year.

1st screening

Early April ~ Late June

Application period ~ Notification of the 1st screening result

2nd screening

Late June ~ Mid-August

2nd screening information registration ~ Notification of the 2nd screening result

Preparation for the award announcement

Mid-August ~ Early October

Release information, exhibition information registration ~ Award announcement

Award PR

Early October ~ March of the following year

GOOD DESIGN EXHIBITION and yearbook publication

Application Method
How to apply
Applicants are required to register entry information (text, images, etc.) through the Entry Site within the application period. Please confirm the procedures to be completed at the time of application.
Screening method
Judging committee of the GOOD DESIGN AWARD judges based on 4 perspectives: human, industrial, social, and time. For more details on the evaluation points and the screening process, please refer to "Screening".
Screening fees
The fees from the application to the winning are approximate as follows.
1st screening fee is 11,000JPY, 2nd screening fee is 60,500JPY, the applicant becomes a candidate for the GOOD DESIGN AWARD after passing the 2nd screening, the award package fee is 165,000JPY, totaling 236,500JPY.
*The above fees are based on a small non-electric product. *The above fees do not include the additional fees related to the 2nd screening and the GOOD DESIGN EXHIBITION.
G Mark usage fee
Winners can use G Mark for free from the award announcement date, October 5 to October 31. For continued use after that, an application for G Mark usage is required. There are measures such as free for public institutions and 50% discount for small and medium-sized companies.
Award rate
GOOD DESIGN AWARD does not have a target number of entries and an award rate. The award rate in recent years has been roughly 30%.
Previous award rates





Good Design Award is operated by Japan Institute of Design Promotion.