Participation Process


Application for GOOD DESIGN AWARD is required through the Entry Site. Applicants should complete the application on the Entry Site by 1.creating account, 2.registering entry information, 3.submitting entry, and 4.submitting Application Confirmation Form. After the entry deadline, organizer sends out the payment request email for 1st screening fee, applicants should complete the payment within the deadline. Applicants should complete the application within the following application deadline.

GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2023 entries closed

1Create account2Register entry information3Submit entry4Submit Application Confirmation Form5Submit Letter of Consent6Pay 1st screening fee7Confirm 1st screening result

1 Create account

Applicants applying for the GOOD DESIGN AWARD for the first time should create a new account from "Register for a new account" on the entry site. Applicants who applied for the GOOD DESIGN AWARD in the past can continue using their existing accounts.

Applicants with an account

2 Register entry information

After creating an account, applicants should log in to the Entry Site and register entry information. The procedures for 2 to 4 below can be reversed. When the deadline is approaching, the Entry Site will be visited intensively and it will take more time to upload the information. Please allow enough time for registration. After the deadline, the organizer will not accept any requests for changes of text, image, or video information for any reason.

2-1 Register applicant information

On the "Applicant List" page, click "Add Applicant" to create an applicant and fill in the relevant information. This information will be used as the winner information after the awarded. The winner information will be posted on the official website and certificate, and will be used as the basis for applying G Mark usage. After the award announcement, the organizer will not accept any request to add or change the winner information for any reason.

In addition, if there are multiple business owners and design contractors, a joint application can be made. For example, if 3 companies apply jointly, each of the 3 companies must be registered as an applicant, and the "Application Confirmation Form" submitted must have the seals or signatures of all 3 companies.

2-2 Register entry information

On the “Entry List” page, click “Add New Entry” to create an entry. Select the entry category for the entry, fill in the entry name and business owner, and associate with the previously registered applicant. Once applicants have completed the registration, save it and enter the page for detailed entry information.

*Each entry can be assigned to the applicant. If there is more than one applicant for an entry, it will be a joint application, and if the entry is awarded, it will be a joint award.

3 Submit entry

After completing the registration of detailed entry information, click “Apply” to submit an entry. Applicants can revise the entry information, withdraw the entry, and submit the entry again before the deadline.

[Note] Application is not complete until the Application Confirmation Form is uploaded and submitted.

4 Submit Application Confirmation Form

Applicants should download and print out the Application Confirmation Form from the page of the ”Application Confirmation Form List” after completing the application. Upload the softcopy of the Application Confirmation Form with the company seal or signature of the company's legal representative through the page ”Application Confirmation Form List”. Note that for an entry with multiple applicants registered, the company seal or signature of all registered applicants is required. Entry to the GOOD DESIGN AWARD will be finalized upon receipt of this Application Confirmation Form.

Notes on application determination

Organizer will not accept any requests for additional registration or correction of entry information after the deadline, May 24, 13:00 JST.

Applicants should refer to the following instructions, and confirm whether or not their entries have been submitted successfully and whether or not the Application Confirmation Form has been uploaded and submitted successfully by themselves, and the organizer will not notify them individually.

  • Whether the progress bar of the entry information is 100% or not

  • Whether the status of the entry is "Applied" or not

  • Whether or not you can preview the uploaded Application Confirmation Form

5 Submit Letter of Consent

When the business owner of the entry is not registered as the applicant, applicants should prepare a Letter of Consent and submit it with the business owner's official seal or signature.

About Letter of Consent

In the following cases, the applicants are required to submit the Letter of Consent.

  • When the design company applies separately for the work designed for the business owners;

  • When the business owner of the entry does not wish to be an applicant;

  • When the entry is a personal residence and the owner (business owner) refuses to be an applicant due to personal privacy.

Submission Deadline

August 25

Applicants who are required to submit the Letter of Consent should obtain the consent and official seal/signature of the business owner and submit it to the organizer via email or Contact Window by the submission deadline.

Format and example for LETTER OF CONSENT (DOCX)

6 Pay 1st screening fee

After the entry deadline, an invoice for the 1st screening fee will be sent by email. Applicants should make the payment by the following deadline. If payment is not confirmed by the payment deadline, the entry shall be disqualified.

Payment deadline for 1st screening fee

May 30

7 Confirm 1st screening result

Applicants can check the 1st screening result on the Entry Site from June 27, 13:00 JST.

Types of result

  • Passed 1st screening: Entry passed the 1st screening

  • Failed: Entry did not pass the 1st screening


Good Design Award is operated by Japan Institute of Design Promotion.