Detailed entry information Entry Form for GOOD DESIGN AWARD (For reference only)

Applicant should register the entry information on the "entry site" as follows. Please make the information straightforward and clear so that the jury members can understand the entry properly.

Please note the following

  • Mandatory.

  • Letter, space, and punctuation marks are counted as one character.

  • The item with the “REL” will be released after winning award.

*A period during which the winners can edit and modify the information will be set before the award announcement. All registered information cannot be modified from the closing of the application to the end of the screening.

Basic Information
The most basic information about the entry to be registered.
Entry information
Category of the entry
General name of the entry / Within 50 characters

e.g. smart phone, car, activity, etc.

Proper (unique) name of the entry / Within 150 characters

e.g. specific product name, brand name, etc.

Business owner (client) / Within 100 characters

Applicant (Name of company or individual) / Within 100 characters

Notes for application

  • Entry categories

The organizer categorizes the entries by entry categories and then judges them. The descriptions in the subcategories are only examples to help applicants find categories that are similar to their works. Applicants should select categories based on the perspective they wish to be judged from. Entries consist of multiple elements, and each entry can only be applied to one category if it fits multiple categories.

Entries are judged according to the category chosen by the applicants, but there may be cases where the screening unit may be changed at the discretion of the Judging Committee.


  • Multiple applications for the same work

Applicants cannot apply for the same work in multiple categories.


  • Difference between the business owner and applicant

If applicants are registered as "applicants" on the Entry Site, they may become "winners" after winning the award. Please note that even if someone is registered as a "Business Owner" if they are not registered as an "applicant", they may not become "winners" after winning the award. In addition, business owners can be registered as “applicants" directly.

Applicant (Winner)

Business owner

The names of winners are recorded on the website and certificates. In addition, winners may apply for the G Mark usage.

Recorded on the website, but does not appear on the certificate.

Designer information
Please register the names of people in the three roles of design production, direction, and design work itself.

*If there is no relevant person, no registration is possible. However, one of the three items is required.

e.g. Japan Institute of Design Promotion, GOOD DESIGN AWARD Office, ○○○○, ○○○○

Producer / Within 200 characters
Director / Within 200 characters
Designer / Within 200 characters

Specification / Within 300 characters
Please register the main specification of the entry.
  • Product: dimension, weight, material of the entry

  • Software: user target, platform, user environment of the entry

  • Service, activity: user target, platform of the entry

  • Architecture: area dimension (site area, total floor space), main frame structure, number of the floor

Market release/launch/opening date
  • On Sale, To be on sale, Launched, Others / Within 100 characters

  • Date YYYY/MM/DD
    Show the year and month only

*Please register the date when users can access products, buildings, services, etc. e.g. Date of product launch, date of commencement of building use.

Sales area or construction site
  • Sales area
    Japan Market / Outside of Japan / Both inside & outside of Japan

  • Construction site
    For entries with a location, such as buildings, please register the specific address within 100 characters.

Retail price or total project cost
REL if it is the retail price.
  • For products, and services, please register the retail price, for other entries, please register the total cost of the project.

  • If there is one price only, please register the price in the left field only. If there is a range of prices, please register the lowest and highest prices.

*If no suggested retail price has been set, select "Open price" and register the market price in the price field. For products that have not yet been released, enter the estimated price.

*Open price and the total project cost will not be released after winning the award.

Retail Price / Total Project Cost
Price [ ] (- [ ] )(Select Currency)
Open Price
Remarks (Within 200 characters)

URL of the entry's information / Within 200 characters

Images/Detail material/Data
Image for screening/release
Photo1: Main picture / JPEG

*This picture will appear on the website and yearbook if awarded.

Photo2: Picture describes its usage, etc / JPEG

Photo3: Picture describes its focal point of the design, etc / JPEG

Portrait of Designer / JPEG

Supplemental material: other necessary pictures or data / JPEG or PDF

Photo for yearbook / JPEG

*If it is necessary to publish a picture different from " Photo 1 " in the yearbook, please upload another photo. *The organizer may adjust, retouch and crop the images.

Notes on Images

  • Images must be in JPEG format (RGB), 350dpi, or the short side is not less than 190mm.

  • Each image and PDF file can be up to 2MB.

  • Filename of the image should be half-width alphanumeric, with an extension ('.jpg' '.pdf').

  • PDF files can be uploaded only to "supplemental materials".

*A period during which the winners can edit and modify the information will be set before the award announcement. All registered information cannot be modified from the closing of the application to the end of the screening.

Video for screening
Video title 1, URL1

Video title 2, URL2

Notes on Videos

  • If a video already exists on the web, please register the link destination below.

  • Video length should be 1 minute or less, and the file size should be 100 MB or less, in MP4 format.

  • For image screen resolution, 1920×1080 pixel (1080p) is recommended.

*If you have a movie on a video hostings website like YouTube or Vimeo, please enter its link.


The following entries are suggested to be prepared movies showing installation, operation, usage, etc.

  • BtoB products

  • In the Category "08: Equipment and Facilities for Manufacturing and Medical Care"

  • Smartphone/tablet applications

Information for Screening
The information to be confirmed by the jury members during the screening.
Outline of the entry
Explain the outline of the entry briefly / Within 400 characters
Please describe the summary of the entry clearly (Whole design, the design for whom, etc.).
The most remarkable points / Within 100 characters each

e.g. purpose, method, way to achieve, effect, utility obtained

Please elaborate on the notable features within 3 points.
The reason/background the design was invented / Within 800 characters
Please describe the social background, market trend, or any reason to devise the design. If you have an awareness of SDGs or other social issues when developing the design of your entry, please describe them in detail.
Process and achievement of design realization / Within 800 characters
Please describe concretely the goal, and what you invented, devised, and achieved by its design.

The supplementary information of the entry
Any improved features, difference between the competitors or similar products / Within 800 characters
In the case the entry is an updated model of the existing products, please elaborate on the remarkable points of the improvement. If there are competitors or similar products already in the market, please describe the difference between them.
Any track records or other features / Within 800 characters
Describe the track record of the entry such as sales record, activity history, duration of the production, or any other features which are not mentioned yet.
Free field / Within 800 characters
Please describe the features of the targets that you have not filled in so far, and the points you want to convey as parties if there are thoughts of designers.

Management Information
Intellectual property / related laws / relation between previous GOOD DESIGN AWARD winners
About Intellectual Property and Related Law / Within 200 characters
Registration No. of industrial property right or application No. in Japan.
Relation between your previous GOOD DESIGN AWARD / Within 200 characters
Relation between your previous GOOD DESIGN AWARD winners, if any (e.g. award number ).

Information to be released
Creative Commons
The organizer will release part of your entry information under the condition of "Attribution-No Derivative Works" based on Creative Commons rules. Please check either "Approve" or "Do not approve" it.
Marketing Information / Within 100 characters

e.g. ○○Shopping malls, Amazon, Taobao, etc.

Where the users can purchase or find this work, the representative location.
Title and URL of the location
Within 100 characters for the title and 160 characters for the URL.


Good Design Award is operated by Japan Institute of Design Promotion.