After passing 2nd screening

The entries that pass the 2nd screening become awarded works on the award announcement date. The information of the awarded works is published on the GOOD DESIGN AWARD website and is used for printing the certificate and editing the yearbook. The above information is based on the information registered on the Entry Site. Applicants are required to log on to the Entry Site within the following period to confirm, correct and save the release information.

Release information, exhibition information registration period

August 21, 13:00~August 25, 18:00 JST

1Register release information2Register exhibition information3Pay award package fee

1 Register release information

Applicants are required to confirm and correct the information registered through the Entry Site. This information is used for award announcement, certificate and yearbook. The organizer does not accept requests for changes for any reason after the deadline. Applicants with joint application works, works with multiple awards, and works that require relevant confirmation are required to complete the confirmation of the release, certificate, and yearbook information within the deadline.

Notes on confirmation for release information

  • Award Gallery
    Applicants should confirm the items marked with "REL" on the Entry Site. The information on these items is posted in the Award Gallery on the official website from the award announcement date. If there are any changes to the text or images, please correct and save them through the Entry Site within the deadline.

  • Certificate
    In principle, the certificate is created using the information registered on the Entry Site. Applicants can use the certificate preview function to confirm the contents of the certificate. If there are any changes, please correct and save them through the Entry Site within the deadline.

    *The following information is included in the certificate: general name and proper name of the awarded work, winner (company name, title, and name of the representative of the winner), producer, director, and designer.

  • Yearbook
    If applicants want to use other images for the yearbook, they should upload the images to the yearbook image on the Entry Site. Yearbook images must be at least 1,900 x 1,350 pixels.

    *The image may be cropped or modified for editorial purposes.

2 Register exhibition information

The organizer holds the GOOD DESIGN EXHIBITION at Roppongi's TOKYO MIDTOWN to show and introduce all the awarded works of the year, and applicants should carefully check the GOOD DESIGN EXHIBITION GUIDE (to be released in mid-August) and register for the exhibition information through the Entry Site within the deadline.

3 Pay award package fee

After the deadline for the release information registration, an invoice for the award package fee will be sent by email. Applicants should make the payment by the following deadline. If payment is not confirmed by the payment deadline, the award is disqualified.

Payment deadline for award package fee

September 20

*If the entry is not withdrawn within the specified period, the applicant is obliged to pay the award package fee and additional fees.


Good Design Award is operated by Japan Institute of Design Promotion.