G Mark usage

How to apply

To apply for G Mark usage, follow the steps below. It usually takes 1 to 5 business days from the application to receiving the payment email.

1Submit application content2Pay usage fee3Issue G Mark usage license4Use G Mark

1 Submit application content

Entry Site application

Login to the GOOD DESIGN AWARD Entry Site and apply from the "Use G Mark" page. Applicants should apply separately for each awarded work. If the applicants do not have an account on the Entry Site, should create an account first.

Applicants with an account

2 Pay usage fee

After receiving the application, the organizer sends a request for payment to the applicant, please arrange to pay upon receipt.

3 Issue G Mark usage license

The organizer issues the "G Mark usage license" after confirming the payment for the usage fee.

4 Use G Mark

The applicants can use the G Mark for one year from the start date of use as stated in the G Mark usage license", and if the applicants need to continue using the G Mark after the expiration date, they should apply again.

Notes on G Mark usage

  • If winners need to use the G Mark in an emergency at an event such as a trade show, or for a limited occasion such as an internal company presentation, please confirm with the organizer directly.

  • If a third party not related to the winners wishes to use the G Mark, such as sales or planning, please confirm with the organizer directly.

5 Improvements and upgrades to the awarded product and change of product or company names

In the event of any change in the specifications of the awarded work for which the G Mark license is desired, an "G Mark alteration report form " needs to be submitted to the oorganizer. Such changes include partial improvements or upgrades, such as the addition of color and size variations, and changes in company or product name. The organizer informs the winner of approval or disapproval of the G Mark usage after considering the contents of the changes.

*Please note that this service does not apply to changes to GOOD DESIGN AWARD work.


Good Design Award is operated by Japan Institute of Design Promotion.