Entries Closed
Entries Closed

After passing 1st screening

Entries that have passed the 1st screening may proceed to the 2nd screening. Applicants who continue to participate in the 2nd screening are required to register the 2nd screening information (such as display space, electricity, etc.) in the Entry Site and carry their entries in and out of the screening venue on the designated date.

The 2nd screening session for 2024 will be held at Makuhari Messe. Applicants are required to carry their entries into the designated location at the designated time. After the screening session, the entries should be removed from the venue.

2nd screening information registration period

July 2, 13:00 ~ July 9, 13:00 JST

1Register 2nd screening information2Carry-in/out entry3Hearing Screening (Designated applicants are required to participate in)4Pay 2nd screening fee5Confirm 2nd screening result

1 Register 2nd screening information

Download 2nd screening guide

Applicants are required to read the 2nd screening guide carefully and register the following on the 2nd screening Information page of the Entry Site.

*Applicants who need to use the agency service and print service for the A1 panel and A3 document should complete the application within the deadline.

*When do not want to continue to participate in the 2nd screening, applicants should contact the organizer via email or contact window before July 4 to request a withdrawal, specifying the entry number, entry name and withdrawal reason. Otherwise, applicants will be required to pay the fees related to the 2nd screening.

Content to be registered

  • Method for 2nd screening: regular 2nd screening, 2nd screening for undisclosed entries

  • Submission of physical entry: submit actual product, submit substitute (A1 size panel)

  • Installation method: install on the table, install on the floor, panel package

  • Necessary space: space required for display

  • Option: electricity supply, other equipments

About display types

2nd screening guide specifies the items to be displayed for each category of entries, and applicants are required to prepare them according to the instructions. Supplementary material is optional and can be submitted in any form.

About display items

  • Product, service, system, activity, and non-specified categories, etc.

A or B must be displayed. The entry of the product category must submit a physical work.

A Physical item of the entry

B Substitute for the physical item

  • Architecture, construction (Unit 12, 13, 14, 15)

C and D must be displayed.

C Outline of the architecture (an A1 size panel in vertical type)

D Document material (A3 size file in horizontal type within 10 pages)

*Supplementary material and its format are optional.

  • Building construction, construction method (Unit 12, 15)

E Outline of the building construction, construction method (An A1 size panel in vertical type)

  • Service/system for housing (Unit 12, 13)

F Outline of the service/system for housing (An A1 size panel in vertical type)

Display of prototype

Regarding the entries that are not yet released at the stage of the 2nd screening, a prototype can be displayed as a substitute. However, substitutes may be judged not to satisfy the requirements if they are expected not to have the same performance as the actual item and to have specifications different from those of the final product in terms of external appearance and functions.

Screening for Undisclosed entries

Applicants who wish to ensure the safety of confidential information in their undisclosed entries can select the screening for Undisclosed entries.

Notes on display

The purpose of the display at the 2nd screening venue is to make the jury members appropriately understand the points of entry. Therefore, applicants should try to display their entries in a way understandable to the jury members.

Applicants are not allowed to enter the venue during the 2nd screening session. In order to ensure that PC and tablet registration devices can be restarted after a special condition, applicants should make an instruction manual containing ID/PW and how to operate it and hand it to the organizer's staff after setting up the display in the venue.

2 Carry-in/out entry

Regarding the entries displayed in the 2nd screening venue, applicants are required to carry them in and out by themselves, or entrust the official agency service, etc.

Notes on carry-in/out

  • If applicants are unable to come to the venue for carrying in and out in person, they should refer to the instructions in the 2nd screening guide and apply for the official agency service or entrust a third-party agency service themselves.

  • It is strictly forbidden to send the entries directly to the organizer's office and screening venue.

  • If an entry does not make it to the venue, it will be deemed to have failed the 2nd screening. Furthermore, the 2nd screening fee and related costs such as electricity usage should be paid.

3 Hearing Screening (Designated applicants are required to participate in)

On the second day of the 2nd screening session, a "hearing screening" is conducted. If the jury members wish to have direct explanations and questions from the applicants, the applicants are required to cooperate. Designated applicants can confirm the implementation method and date through the Entry Site.

*The implementation date may be changed by the organizer.

*Not all entries are required to participate in the hearing screening.

*Hearing screening is a designated system, and applications from applicants are not accepted.

4 Pay 2nd screening fee

After the deadline for the 2nd screening information registration, an invoice for the 2nd screening fee will be sent by email. Applicants should make the payment by the following deadline. If payment is not confirmed by the payment deadline, the entry shall be disqualified.

Payment deadline for 2nd screening fee

July 31

*If the entry is not withdrawn within the specified period, the applicant is obliged to pay the 2nd screening fee and additional fees.

5 Confirm 2nd screening result

Applicants can check the 2nd screening result on the Entry Site from August 23, 13:00 JST.

Types of result

  • Passed 2nd screening (BEST100): Entry passed the 2nd screening and going to be selected as the GOOD DESIGN BEST100 (hereinafter referred to as the "BEST100") after the announcement date

  • Passed 2nd screening: Entry passed the 2nd screening and going to be selected as the GOOD DESIGN AWARD after the announcement date

  • Failed: Entry did not pass the 2nd screening

Notes on 2nd screening result

The official award announcement for the GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2024 is October 16, 13:00 JST.

It is strictly forbidden to disclose the results in any way until the official award announcement. For entries that pass the 2nd screening, the organizer may provide a comment on the Entry Site. If an entry is selected as GOOD DESIGN BEST100, the applicant should complete other procedures. Please refer to "After being selected as BEST100" for more details.


Good Design Award is operated by Japan Institute of Design Promotion.