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Call for Entry

Award Announcement

When can I be sure of winning the GOOD DESIGN AWARD?

The award announcement for 2024 is October 16, 13:30 JST. Even if an entry has passed the 2nd screening, whether it is an individual or a company, it is strictly prohibited to publicize information about the passing 2nd screening, award offer, and getting the award on social networks and other media before the official award announcement.

What should I prepare for the award announcement?

Please refer to After passing 2nd screening.

Will the information registered at the time of application be released directly?

Information marked "REL" will be published after winning the award. In addition, applicants will have the opportunity to confirm the information through the Entry Site before award announcement. Please make use of this opportunity to confirm the release information.

If a product cannot be released on the date of the award announcement, can it be postponed?

All awarded works will be made public on the date of the award announcement. Entries that cannot be made public then are ineligible for entry.

Can I use expressions such as "the first in the field of ○○" in the press release? How do I research information on past awards?

When using expressions such as "the first in the field of ○○" in press releases, please check the following notes.
GOOD DESIGN AWARD does not guarantee the content of the survey and confirmation of the history of the award under specified conditions. The organizer will not use expressions such as "the first in the field", "the first in the industry", "the largest number of awards", "the first in history" etc., in the award announcement.
The official website discloses all past awarded works. Winners may use the above expressions after carefully reviewing all previous records.

Is it possible to use jury members' comments in the press release?

The organizer welcomes the winners to use the jury member's comments in their press releases and award promotion. However, they may only be used in full, and may not be altered or excerpted.

When will the jury members' comments be confirmed?

Jury members' comments will be displayed on the Entry Site in sequence 2-3 weeks before the award announcement date.

Will entries that have not won the award be made public?

Only information on the awarded works will be made public.

Will the screening video registered on the Entry Site be made public?

Information not marked "REL" will be used for screening purposes only and will not be made public.


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