Architecture Application

We are considering applying for a condominium, but it is not completed yet. Is it possible to apply with its drawings or image pictures?

Architectural and residential entries are accepted if they meet the following conditions:
Completed (usable) by March 31, 2024
Able to be announced publicly on October 5, 2023
* Occupancy does not need to be complete.

With regards to an architecture entry, in the case it is not finished, can I submit the floor drawing and rendering only?

As feasibility is one of the view point of the screening, it would be better to submit photos of the actual architecture.
In the case the showroom is ready, please attach the photos or it.

With regards to personal housing or office entries, how the "Principal implementing business" will be filled in?

The owner’s name can be registered. But in the case the person would not like to display their name, you can fill in as "individual" as the Principal implementing business. If the owner is not the applicant of the award, a "Letter of consent" for application is required.

Why the "Letter of consent" for the application is required, in addition to the "Application confirmation form"?

In the case the applicant is only a designer or architect, to avoid any trouble after the entry gets awarded, the "letter of consent" from the manufacturer of the product or the owner of the architecture is required to confirm the approval for entry to GOOD DESIGN AWARD.

Can we apply for 2 categories with single work(apartments, etc.)?

You cannot apply one entry to more than one category.


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