What are the benefits of getting awarded?

G Mark, which is available for use only by winners, can be utilized for your various sales promotion activities. Recently, many winners introduce their success to develop the company's brand reputation. We have heard the voices of winners that they succeeded in dealing with a large department store and paving the way for OEM, or that the award made it easier to get a loan and human resources, and improved their status in the community and industry.
In addition, third-party evaluations of the company's design development are available within the company. Many companies use this to judge whether the company's development is going well and to evaluate individuals and design departments, and even to publicize awarded achievements within the company.

What are the effects of "G Mark"?

"G Mark" logo is proof of winning the GOOD DESIGN AWARD. Many awarded companies are using its logo in sales promotion activity. A recent survey shows that the recognition rate of G Mark (in Japan market) reached approximately 80%. It indicates that products with G Mark logo are comprehensively accepted as high-quality, attractive, and easy-to-use products. Also, there is a tendency that people to have an image that a G Mark awarded company is having "good sense and credibility".
In the "Effectiveness of the G Mark in Product Purchase Situations" market survey to date, nearly half of the consumers who knew about the G Mark said they would choose a product with the G Mark. This means that products with the G Mark are more likely to be chosen in comparison to their counterparts.

What kind of support do we receive?

We increase promotion opportunities for awarded works, including utilization of promotion events. Other than the events, we have some occasions to collaborate with retailers and online stores, and to have some exhibitions of awarded works abroad.

Is it difficult to win the GOOD DESIGN AWARD?

For companies that are just starting their design development, it can be difficult to get the GOOD DESIGN AWARD. However, the GOOD DESIGN AWARD is a comprehensive judgment of the entries from multiple perspectives such as significance and value, quality and technology. Therefore, if you are developing products that are meaningful to users and society, we suggest you apply.

Can I win the award for the first time?

Each year many winners apply for the first time. In recent years, 40% of the winners are first-time applicants.

What is the position and definition of Special Awards, such as "GRAND AWARD" and "GOLD AWARD"?

After the GOOD DESIGN Awarded works are determined, 100 entries regarded as excellent by the judges are chosen as GOOD DESIGN BEST100. The winners of the GOOD DESIGN GOLD AWARD and GOOD FOCUS AWARD are chosen from among these BEST100 works.
Finalists for the GOOD DESIGN GRAND AWARD are chosen from among GOLD AWARD works and then GRAND AWARD is chosen through voting by the judges, winners, etc.

What is Focused Issues?

Screening of the GOOD DESIGN AWARD looks in depth at the meaning and value of entry designs, while considering as key points of evaluation the relationship between the design and various social issues. At the same time as screening entries, the judges try to identify issues and possibilities related to the society of the future. Focused Issues are important areas that designs should address for this purpose.
During the screening of the GOOD DESIGN AWARD, a special team (Focused Issues Directors) is formed to discuss these issues, entries are observed and discussed across screening units with regard to their possibilities in future society and the roles and meanings of design, and then, following the screening, topics and future possibilities for each issue are announced as recommendations.

The work I am planning to apply for does not correspond to the "Focused Issues" themes. Will this have a negative impact on the judging?

No. Not having a theme that does not correspond to Focused Issues will not have any negative impact on the entries. During the screening process, it is possible that a new theme will be established through discussion.


Good Design Award is operated by Japan Institute of Design Promotion.