When an awarded work is applied jointly (applied in joint names), will the certificate be issued to each person or each organization?

One commendation certificate is issued and given per awarded work even if the award is shared with other parties. Additional commendation certificates are available on sale.

Other than the commendation certificate, are the winners awarded "prize money" or an "extra prize"?

No prize money is offered. A trophy, an extra prize, is awarded to the winners of GOOD DESIGN BEST100 and Special Awards such as GOLD AWARD. The Special Award Trophy can be duplicated for remuneration if required.

When can I get the certificate?

The organizer sent the certificates by EMS after the award announcement date. Please pay attention to the information mail from the organizer for the exact date of delivery.

Does the certificate include the frame?

No, it does not. Winners can purchase the frame for the certificate through the "Buy PR Goods" page of the Entry Site.

Can I change the description of the certificate?

You can change/amend the information on the certificate in the Entry Site during the registration period of award acceptance information.
After this period, you can NOT change any information.

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