G Mark Usage Fees

Please give me more details on what is used as the standard for calculating the G Mark usage fees.

The usage fee is basically calculated based on the retail price. However, in the case that an entry is not a commodity but an item having no retail price such as a civil engineering structure, website, or business model, the usage fee is calculated based on the total project cost. If there is a range in retail prices (current market price for open prices), the average value is applied. A written statement that proves the price is not required.
When a project includes land purchase, such as the construction of an apartment, please include the purchase amount in the total project cost. When no cost was generated in a project, such as a proposal of a business model, please consider the total project cost to be 0.
All amounts of G Mark usage fees, retail prices, total project costs, and other costs include the consumption tax.

Are there any discounts for G Mark usage fees?

There are promotional discounts applied to small or medium-sized enterprises, discounts based on the number of years after winning the awards, and other discounts.

Please give me the specific definition of "small or medium-sized enterprises actually controlled by a large company" stated in the supplement of usage guideline.

It is a company to one of the following 3 conditions.
1) a company in which more than half of the issued number of shares or loans are obtained by the same large company
2) a company in which more than two-thirds of the issued number of shares or loans are obtained by the multiple large companies
3) a company in which more than half of its board members are board members or employees of large companies

Our company is a private company/sector, but runs a non-profitable activity. Can we use G Mark free of charge?

The usage fee is determined depending on the business categories of winners, so the usage fees for private companies/sectors will not be free of charge in spite of the business contents.

We jointly won the award and share the award between a stock company and a local government. In this case, will the usage fee be exempted when the company applies for G Mark usage?

The exemption of the usage fees is not applied to applications submitted by companies. It is only applied to applications submitted by a local government.

To what fiscal years does the "50% reduction in G Mark Usage Fee for awarded works from the fifth year onward after its award" specifically apply?

In Fiscal Year (FY) 2023, the usage fees for work winning the award from FY2015 to FY2019 will be reduced by 50%, and the usage fees for work winning the award before FY2014 will be free.

Do we need to apply for G Mark usage in the cases when we can use G Mark for an awarded work free of charge from the tenth year onward after its award?

Please make sure to apply for the usage even in the case that you can use G Mark for free.
Please be aware that using G Mark without the application for the usage can be considered unauthorized use.


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