Can multiple companies/organizations enter jointly?

Yes, you can.
Please register each company/organization as an "Applicant" on the Entry Site.
(e.g.: When you apply with the three companies jointly, registration of each of the three companies is necessary.)
If you win the award, "Applicant" becomes the "winner". After the award's public announcement, any information can NOT be changed, please be careful on registration.
The company name, the company's representative's name of "winner" is shown on the certificate.
"winner" can apply using G Mark.
If you develop your design with other partners, we recommend applying with them jointly. There are no restrictions on the number of applicants per entry.
Again, please be careful that any additions/corrections of applicants/winners are NOT accepted after the award announcement.

Can an individual who is not a member of a company or an organization apply?

If the applicant is an individual having the main responsibility in providing the entry, he/she can apply.

Do I have to fill in the president's name in the "Representative" space in the "Applicant Registration" form?

If your entry is awarded, a commendation certificate will be presented to the "representative" written in the Application Registration form. Therefore, please fill in the name of the representative, such as the president, in principle.

Can we set a different "Applicant" per entry?

Yes, you can.
You can set it like this: Entry 1 by Applicant company A and B, Entry 2 by Applicant C.
You can set and associate each applicant and each entry in the Entry Site.


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