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"Principal Implementation Regulations for the GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2023" stipulate the outline of the GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2023 project. In accordance with the principal implementation regulations, various relevant regulations are prescribed. 

Principal Implementation Regulations
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GOOD DESIGN EXHIBITION Implementation Regulations
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Organizer and supporters


Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP)


Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry / The Small and Medium Enterprise Agency / Tokyo Metropolitan Government / The Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry / Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) / ASEAN Promotion Centre on Trade, Investment and Tourism / Nihon Keizai Shimbun / NHK / World Design Organization

Our Ideals


Screening perspectives

Whether tangible or intangible, GOOD DESIGN AWARD evaluates the quality of things that people create to achieve certain ideals and purposes as design. The jury members will consider the following "screening perspectives" to determine whether or not the entries are good designs based on a composite of various views of design context, purpose, process, and outcome.

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  • Whether due considerations, including usability, understandability, friendliness, etc., are given to users

  • Whether various considerations, including safety, security, environment, physically weak persons, etc., are given to maintain the credibility

  • Whether the design gains the sympathy of users

  • Whether the design has attractiveness and induces users’ creativity

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  • Whether issues are skillfully solved by using new technology and materials or through creativity

  • Whether the entry is reasonably designed or planned with appropriate technology, method, and quality

  • Whether the entry contributes to the creation of a new industry or business

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  • Whether the entry contributes to the creation of new cultures, such as a new method, lifestyle, communication, etc.

  • Whether the entry contributes to the realization of the sustainable society

  • Whether the entry suggests new value, such as a new method, concept, style, etc. to society

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  • Whether the entry puts past contexts and accumulated achievements to propose new value.

  • Whether the entry proposes a highly sustainable solution from medium- and long-term perspectives.

  • Whether the entry represents continual improvements in accordance with the times.

Project Policies for 2023

GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2023 is newly formed with Mr. Seiichi Saito as the jury chairperson and Mr. Jin Kuramoto and Ms. Yuko Nagayama as the jury vice-chairpersons. With the leadership of new three chairpersons, the GOOD DESIGN AWARD was established under the theme of " Design and its Outcome" as an opportunity to define and communicate the "GOOD" and "DESIGN" of the year, and to examine today's society and ask the question, Is this design necessary for it?

The main points are as follows

Discovery and promotion of excellent designs from Japan and abroad

Since "discover" is the starting point of the GOOD DESIGN AWARD cycle of "discover, share, and innovation," several online seminars were held from the start date of the application period to convey the message from the new chairpersons and to familiarize the new structure and the screening perspectives of the GOOD DESIGN AWARD. We also focused on reconnecting with applicants and cooperating organizations in various regions by reviving face-to-face application information sessions and application consultation sessions in Japan and overseas, which had been suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic. Furthermore, in order to promote understanding among mainly SME executives that "incorporating design can change business," we selected business media with a wide readership as tie-up partners and ran article ads featuring interviews with the winners of the GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2022. Through these, we aimed to appeal to the purpose, the award merits, and the functions of the GOOD DESIGN AWARD, and to motivate people to apply for the award.

Revival of the display of all awarded works

This year, in order to restore the "opportunities to experience design" and "opportunities to learn about design," which had been reduced or made virtual by the coronavirus pandemic, the entire Tokyo Midtown was used for an exhibition to unveil all of the awarded works, thereby providing an opportunity to revive design events in Japan. In this way, we demonstrated the broad scope of design that the GOOD DESIGN AWARD evaluates, presented the totality of design necessary for today's society, and provided an opportunity to directly see, touch, and learn about the awarded designs.

Strengthening the information dissemination function by launching on-demand media, etc.

The GOOD DESIGN AWARD official website was renewed in April of this year, and the "Good Design Journal" section, the core of information dissemination, was launched. In addition to providing information on the implementation of the GOOD DESIGN AWARD and introducing award winners and their awarded designs, this section has also started a series of articles explaining design, in an effort to continuously disseminate information as a medium to promote familiarity not only with the GOOD DESIGN AWARD but also with the design itself.

Types of Awards

GOOD DESIGN AWARD is presented to entries recognized as excellent designs from among all entries, and then 100 winners with superior designs are chosen as GOOD DESIGN BEST100.
Next, the Judging Committee chooses winners of the GOOD DESIGN GOLD AWARD and GOOD FOCUS AWARD as well as finalists for the GOOD DESIGN GRAND AWARD from the GOOD DESIGN BEST100.
The winner of the GOOD DESIGN GRAND AWARD is chosen from the finalists for that award voting by the jury members, winners, and others.

Types of Awards

Portrait - 齋藤 精一 2023
GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2023 |Chairperson
齋藤 精一


Design and its Outcome

Working on a design ― for whom? Purchasing a product ― are the materials and structure socially good? This design here ― does it empower me in any ways?

In today’s society, the word "design" is used everywhere. In such an age, are we in the design industry proud of our work, striving toward the common goal? What can design do in this complex world with no right answers?

Behind every manufacturing process are numerous intangible designs and to accomplish intangible design, manufacturing is a must. GOOD DESIGN AWARD evaluates the process from the beginning of an idea to its output. We would like to further evolve the award under the theme of "design and its outcome," rather than using the dualistic framework of tangible/ intangible design.

In this modern world, information design enables us to deliver what is in surplus to where it is lacking. Traditional methods and uniquely regional wisdom are highly valued as the design handed down from generation to generation. Instead of putting ourselves in the cycle of mass production and mass consumption, we can now deliver many high-quality designs to many people or the necessary amount of design to those who need it. Also, the evaluation criteria for companies have changed, where they can demonstrate the economic benefits of social contribution.

Precisely because we live in such an era, GOOD DESIGN AWARD will play a role in finding the direction in which design, industry, lifestyle, and society should progress together by appreciating the ideas created by designers, companies and organizations. It was 20 years ago when the term "social design" came into use and 10 years ago when people sought the social significance of narratives. And recently, people have defined "purpose" as corporate values and brands. With this background in mind, GOOD DESIGN AWARD will take the role of discussing and finding out the loadstar, the “outcome” for all involved in design to reach for.

The jury members are looking forward to meet the designs full of ideas with diverse perspectives and awareness of various issues.

Portrait - 倉本 仁 2023
GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2023 |Vice Chairperson
倉本 仁


Design with Intention

This world that we live in is fluid and varies widely, with diverse values, cultures, and interests of people constantly shifting by the tides of the times.

Considering that design exists to explore a better balance between people, things, and surrounding environments, how should we envision a landscape in which these coexist in harmony?

GOOD DESIGN AWARD, which was launched to celebrate designs that contribute to industries driving the economy, has been undertaking a role as a “yardstick” to project the values of the times while changing and reflecting social situations over its long history. The product designs that we screen are imbued with the thoughts and wishes of companies and designers. Such “intentions” become the basis of the elements that make up a design, and generate the force that drives their products and efforts. Intentions are not judged as good or bad in terms of the scale of the effort; rather it is their expression in various forms; for example, bringing modest happiness to our ordinary lives, evolving humble products properly, or caring for the environment and all the animals and plants on the planet. We are earnest to acknowledge the preciousness of such intentions.

At the same time that the value of intentions is emphasized, it is also very important to examine whether such intentions are realized and implemented in an appropriate manner and with high-quality technology. Good design combines a generous view of projects as a whole with an insatiable focus on details.

I look forward to encountering a variety of wishes, thoughts, and suggestions through the GOOD DESIGN AWARD again this year.

Portrait - 永山 祐子 2023
GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2023 |Vice Chairperson
永山 祐子


Power of Design

Someone once asked me if I believed in the power of design, and I said “Sure, I do” without hesitation. But now, I look back and wonder if I still do. When I was a child (in the ’80s) I somehow felt more confident that we were heading to a bright future than I feel now. There were new designs and movements born from it. However, in this age in which our children are born and raised, is it possible to have dreams about the future? Or can we show them a brighter future through new designs? The coronavirus pandemic swept across the entire world. On top of the fear of an unknown virus, society has been losing its vitality because of restrictions on movement. The fear of war has shattered the ungrounded myth of peace that we blindly believed in. Climate change and disasters are encroaching. Can we really say that the future will be better than the present? This is the reality confronting us.

But I still want to say “I believe in the power of design” once again from the standpoint of a creator, especially in this day and age. This year’s theme is “design and its outcome.” We will begin an attempt to nurture a theme for next year based on this year’s results. The present is always a point of passage to the future. Design as a means to draw in the future we desire and believe in. I would like this to be a place where we can share this with many people and explore the future together.


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