Notice about GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2024 entry period and changes

GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2024 Entry Period

April 1, 13:00 JST - May 27, 15:00 JST

Entry details will be released from April 1, 13:00 JST.
The following is an outline and the major changes.

  • Application
    All application procedures for GOOD DESIGN AWARD are accepted online only. Applicants applying for GOOD DESIGN AWARD for the first time need to create a new account from "Account Registration" on the entry site. Applicants who applied for GOOD DESIGN AWARD in the past are able to continue using their existing accounts.

  • Eligible Entry
    The entries are limited to items or things that meet the following requirements:
    1. available for users to purchase or use by March 31, 2025.
    2. can be made public on October 16, 2024, the day of the announcement of award winners.

  • 2nd Screening Venue
    Entries that have passed the 1st screening will be required to attend 2nd screening session at the Makuhari Messe.
    The 2nd screening session will be held for three days from August 7 to 9.
    Applicants will be required to move their works into the venue on August 6 and remove them from the venue on August 9.
    In addition, only entries designated by the judging committee will be allowed to participate in the "hearing screening" through Zoom. The Organizer will inform the particular applicants with details via the Entry Site at the time of the 1st screening results notification.

    GOOD DESIGN EXHIBITION 2024 will showcase all the awarded works of 2024 through the whole of Roppongi TOKYO MIDTOWN from November 1 to 5.
    Winners will be required to move their works into the exhibit on October 31 and remove them from the exhibit on November 6.
    Please note that participation in the GOOD DESIGN EXHIBITION 2024 is required to become a winner.

  • Award Ceremony Venue and Range of Participation
    The 2024 award ceremony will be held at TOKYO GARDEN THEATER (Koto-ku, Tokyo) on the afternoon of November 5, and is open to all 2024 winners.
    The award package fee includes the participation of 3 guests for one awarded work. More than the above number of people can also attend for a fee. The organizer will inform applicants who have passed the 2nd screening with details at the time of the 2nd screening results notification.

  • Fees
    The screening fee and award package fee will be adjusted in 2024. The reason is the increase in outsourcing and logistics costs due to rising labor and raw materials.

Previous Price

Current Price


1st screening fee



2nd screening fee
(Required for those who passed the 1st screening)



Excluding fees for additional options.

Award package fee
(Required only for winners)



The winner must participate in this exhibition. Excluding fees for additional options.

* All the prices include tax.
* The fees for each additional option for the 2nd screening will be announced at the end of June.
* The fees for the additional options for the awarded exhibition will be announced at the end of August.
* There are no adjustments to the G Mark usage fees.
* The price for each promotional item will be announced in late August.

Additional information (Category for Entry, Application Guidelines and Judging Committee, etc.) will be released from April 1, 13:00 JST.

If you have any questions regarding the entry for GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2024, please contact us. We will respond to your inquiry within 3 business days after receiving it. (G Mark office does not accept telephone inquiries)




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