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GOOD DESIGN|グッドフォーカス賞 [地域社会デザイン]

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Apartment building [hocco]
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OdakyuBus Co., Ltd.
Small sized housing complex
OdakyuBus Co., Ltd. (Japan)
blue studio Co.,Ltd. (Japan)
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Outline of Good Design Award winners 2022

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While the aging societies in Tokyo suburbs constantly progressing, a certain influx of double-income child rearing residents could be seen due to the redevelopment of housing complexes and mini developments. The site where the bus turnaround is located was planned as a community hub for the local residents and newcomers by introducing "Nariwai Housing" a combination of housing and shops.


Tomoaki Shimomura, Harumasa Nakayama, OdakyuBus Co., Ltd.


Yoshihiko Oshima, Executive Managing Director/ Creative Director of blue studio Co., Ltd.


Yoshihiko Oshima, Masashi Yakushiji, Kinnosuke Ohki, Kanako Sakaguchi, bluestudio Co., Ltd.+ Kazutaka Tambe, mesh landscape architects

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A new initiative to develop a bus terminal in the middle of a residential area as a regional exchange base was highly evaluated. In the past, development in urban and surrounding areas used to be mainly the uniform development in front of train stations, but by building rental housing with shops in a bus terminal located far from the train station, the residents’ "Nariwai (livelihood)" has become an attractive place to create new exchanges between local residents. There are shops lined in a way to face the courtyard, and the shops are connected to the courtyard through the earthen floor and the space at the eaves. The space under the eaves makes it comfortable for people to stand in front of shops and allows them to meet the residents and their "Nariwai." The "Nariwai" with full of uniqueness has become an attraction, creating a place where local residents can gather naturally. The elderly citizens, who used to be isolated in the community, can also interact with the younger generation here. This is a great example that can be the model for the future development of bus terminals located throughout Japan.

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