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GOOD DESIGN|グッドデザイン金賞

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Town Planning [Johnson Town]
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Isono Shokai Co., Ltd.
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Isono Shokai Co., Ltd. (Japan)
Osamu Watanabe Architect (Japan)
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Outline of Good Design Award winners 2021

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2.5ha residential area that was built in front of the former Iruma Air Base was slum-ized. The remaining 23 US military houses were renovated, and 39 new "Heisei House" where people can live and work were newly built, and a new street was created. As a result, Johnson Town has grown into a place where child-rearing families, the elderly, people with disabilities, etc. can live and work happily.


Tatsuo Isono, Isono Shokai Co., Ltd.


Tatsuo Isono, Akio Isono, Isono Shokai Co., Ltd. + Osamu Watanabe, Osamu Watanabe Architects


Osamu Watanabe, Mami Kawai, Miyuki Saito, Yumi Ohzawa, Arisa Mae, Norie Sakamoto, Osamu Watanabe Architects

渡辺治 川合麻美 斉藤美幸 大沢裕美 前亜里紗 坂本紀恵

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Rental residential town that has been revitalized from the devastated residential area for the US military in front of the former Iruma Air Base. In the town, there is no fence and people can freely pass through new greenery roads and alleys left between houses, and a group of new houses "Heisei House" is developed to keep harmony with the remaining U.S. military houses. Such a town landscape creates an excellent living environment. As the landowner and the designer have a common strong will toward the design of the town, they carefully interview and screen potential inhabitants and tenants and require them to protect the exterior and greenery while allowing them to boldly renovate the interior through consultation. Therefore, the stores and activities in the town are very unique but share the same direction towards the development of the town. The town is also promoting inclusive development by giving consideration to barrier-free and building cooperative relationships with social welfare corporations. The town's magazine also features the history and culture of the town, encouraging residents to share the charm of the town. In this way, the town fosters a high-quality and unique townscape and lifestyle, and can be highly evaluated as an alternative against conventional uniform development of a residential area.

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