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GOOD DESIGN|グッドデザイン金賞

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Luxury villa resort facility [Denpaku The Beachfront MIJORA]
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Amami innovation Co. Ltd.
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Amami innovation Co. Ltd. (Japan)
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Outline of Good Design Award winners 2021

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"Denpaku" is a community development project where the Amamian village culture, the "daily life becomes a tourist attraction". "Denpaku Kominka" are traditional vacant houses converted into lodging. "Denpaku Amami Hotel + Magun Plaza" is the center of cultural exchange. "Denpaku The Beachfront MIJORA" and "2waters" are luxury resort villas and a restaurant financially sustaining the whole project.


Yasuhiro Yamashita, Hiroki Harada, Institute shima hito takara


Yasuhiro Yamashita


Yasuhiro Yamashita/ Kazuma Kurita, Tsutomu Matsuno, Toru Onogi, Yoshiyuki Nakata, Mizuki Osawa, (Co. Ltd. Atelier tekuto/ Co. Ltd. Amami Design group)

山下保博/Yasuhiro Yamashita

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Planning of scattered accommodation facilities on Amami Oshima Island. The purpose of this project is to solve various problems specific to the island, including shortage of elderly and disabilities care resources and few working opportunities, and then to realize a sustainable and wealthy community. The group of accommodation facilities, which were screened this time, are planned to gain the resources for such purposes and are operated by the architect, who received a loan as a business operator. The facilities are composed of a newly built beachfront villa, inns that were remodeled from old houses, and a center facility that was renovated from an existing supermarket on the island. Since it applies the scattered-type hotel style like Albergo Diffuso in Italy, visitors and guests are able to tour not only in the facility but also in the relaxed daily life unique to Amami Oshima and to interact with islanders. The experience itself will be the joy of traveling. We highly evaluate this project in that the design of both the newly built villa and remodeled conventional houses are well conceptualized and that the architect has demonstrated a new way of functioning to take charge of the sustainable operation of the island.

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