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GOOD DESIGN|グッドデザイン・ベスト100

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house and shop [houseS / shopB]
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Ryo Seino,Ikumi Seino
Detached house
KimuraMatsumoto architects (Japan)
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Outline of Good Design Award winners 2021

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houseS / shopB is used as a house, selling old books and goods, and as a standing bar. The site has a wide frontage (18m) and a shallow depth (2.2-3.7m). It has a structure similar in size to the surrounding trees and utility poles, and converts the "shallowness" of the site into the "depth" of the entire road width including sidewalks. The site erodes the sidewalk and mixes with the city.


Yoshinari Kimura, Naoko Matsumoto, Haruka Ashida, KimuraMatsumoto architects

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A next generation Machiya house appeared in Kyoto. Normally, a Machiya is a long house with a narrow street frontage stretching long towards the back, and is often called an "eel bed"; however, this house is designed to have a wide frontage and short depth. That means that it has a large frontage area facing the street. By utilizing the large frontage with a huge sash frame, the dynamics of the fusion of housing area and shop area (a secondhand book shop) are fully expressed. If you look at the house from a distance, it has a wide stretched shape, and its extremely simple design has succeeded in showing the way of a new city house that combines working and dwelling. While bookshops in the town close the doors to their business one after another, this is a very modern way for a secondhand book shop to survive by combining the owners' business with their living. We can imagine that this may produce a community in the town based on books. This is a very important design that generates a new trend of the times.

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