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GOOD DESIGN|グッドデザイン・ベスト100

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hotel(rental villa) [Looop Resort NASU]
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Looop Inc
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Looop Inc (Japan)
SUEP. (Japan)
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Outline of Good Design Award winners 2020

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Looop Resort Nasu is an accommodation in a forest of Nasu, which is working as a solar power station at the same time. It is a place to play and observe ecologies in a forest, and learn about natural energy. While it is used as a recreation facility of a company, it is opened to the public as a rental villa and rental hall. It is targeting at local activation.


Hirokazu Suemitsu, Yoko Suemitsu SUEP. + Junki Kato Poten-Poten + Akihiko Ono SfG landscape architects Inc. (landscape)

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The forest where this project was implemented was originally meant to be the site of a power plant, but the plan was abandoned due to various constraints. This project developed the site into an accommodation facility that works with nature, hosting a new type of power generation facility that enables the forest and humans to coexist in harmony. High-precision simulations and tree surveys were carried out to achieve a panel layout that avoided the need to cut down trees. The solution adopted was to install roofs in elevated positions that avoided the trees. The designers achieved excellence in this process, turning these conditions to their advantage to create roomy areas under the eaves and distinctive interior spaces that extend upwards, making their height a virtue. While the design of the solar panels themselves could not be changed, the designers succeeded in combining function with beauty by treating the size of a single panel as a roof, creating attractive clusters of buildings that blend in with the forest. We wish to offer high praise for their imagination and skill in transforming a challenge into charm. As a proposal for the shape of architecture in the coming age of coexistence between nature and buildings, this is a valuable initiative.

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