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GOOD DESIGN|グッドデザイン・ベスト100

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Housing complex [Taishido public housing complex]
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Iitate village
Small sized housing complex
Haryu wood studio (Japan)
Iitate Village (Japan)
Sekiba Kensetsu Corporation (Japan)
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Outline of Good Design Award winners 2020

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A public house that was relocated and reused from a log house temporary house constructed and supplied in Fukushima Prefecture. From the stage of planning as a temporary house, we assumed a simple floor plan composition, assuming reuse and diversion that make use of the ease of disassembling and assembling, which is a structural advantage of the log house.


Norio Kanno, Iitate village


Takashi Nameda, Haryu wood studio


Takashi Nameda, Haganuma Sei, Teppei Masumoto/ Haryu wood studio.

Already in service/use


Natural disasters have now become virtually an everyday occurrence. In this sense, the need for temporary housing is, one regrets to say, becoming quite ordinary. Conventional temporary housing was prefabricated, to ensure that it could be supplied and constructed quickly, but once it had served its purpose, it was removed without adequate consideration of the potential for its reuse. Against this background, Taishido Public Housing Complex has been created by turning temporary housing originally planned on the assumption of its reuse into a public housing complex. Using the comparatively simple log house construction method meant that most of the components could be utilized as they were. Environmental performance improvements have been added and common spaces created to foster a sense of community, bringing this new residential area to life. It is splendid to see the painstaking and meticulous use of design, but above all else, the fact that these materials have been recycled is of immense social significance. We hope that this project will become a model for the future.

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