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Private House [Norhouse]
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Aaksen Responsible Aarchitecture (CV Kelana Semesta)
12-02 Detached house
Aaksen Responsible Aarchitecture (CV Kelana Semesta) (Indonesia)
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Outline of Good Design Award winners 2019

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Norhouse is located amidst the densely populated settlements that usually have a slum impression and is rarely having a well-thought design. With all existing environmental problems especially mobilisation and demobilisation, Norhouse provides solutions with a simple, modern, efficient form. Norhouse epitomises a case in an urban settlement with unique site constraints.


Gun Gun Yuliansyah, Project Manager., Arif Rahmansyah, Project Controller., Mona Monika, Project Administrator


Agusti Salman Farizi, CEO + Construction Head., Yanuar Pratama Firdaus, Principal Architect


Gea Sentanu W. Segara, Senior Architect., Azzahra Dartaman, Architectural Conceptor., Agung Kurnia, Senior Drafter

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Finding out that these types of modern houses are rare in places like Bandung, Indonesia, was an opportunity. While cases of densely crowded houses on these sizes of land are common in Japan, we were surprised to find the existence of similar environments in Indonesia. The exterior has a bold slanting roof on top of a mass of pure white surfaces that reflect the light, and at certain times of the day the building probably looks like light itself. The surfaces of the interior walls and ceilings are also white, which helps circulate the natural and artificial light throughout the rooms. The triangular slanting windows are particularly impressive. During the five times they pray, people are probably able to see a different type of beautiful light each time. That room is both indoors and outdoors, and would become an important place to strengthen relationships with people that are close to you. There were many issues involved in completing the building in this place, but they were able to manage it thanks to wisdom and ingenuity, and cooperation gained from good personal relationships. In addition, these houses convey a new sense of values to people who know about them.

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