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Earmo [BONGMI]
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Smart medical hardware & service
Sanitary/Beauty/Health goods and medical equipment for home
AUG Hangzhou Industrial Design Co.,Ltd (China)
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Outline of Good Design Award winners 2017

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Earmo is an intelligent ear thermometer for children to measure body temperature.


Hangzhou Bangtang Network Technology Co.,Ltd.


Shan Huabiao, Zhang Wei, Chai Weihua, Yan Jing, Tang Degao


AUG Hangzhou, Industrial Design Co.,Ltd.

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Earmo is a smart ear-type thermometer designed for children. The product states that the error of body temperature measurement can be suppressed to around 0.2 °C. By linking with smart software, you can keep track of body temperature and past records on a regular basis. The data information can help parents to determine whether to see the doctor or not based on changes in the temperature of the child. Hospital doctors can also make pathological judgment based on past information. The biggest difference with existing products on the market is that the temperature-reading screen is different. In order to make it easy for children to read the temperature by themselves, the temperature display part is a large size array type LED designed to hide under the white plastic cover, and the body temperature can be checked only after the LED turns on, which can be called a hidden expression design method. Because of such a hidden expression design, the product itself seems purer and cleaner. The design gives a sense of security to children and adults even with just one push button, and there is an impression that it is very easy to operate. The streamlined design of the exterior makes it easy to hold even for children with small hands. The design language is very gentle, user friendly, and convenient for cleaning and storage. Pureness, smartness, ease of use, and user-friendliness are the reasons for this product to win the award.

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