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AirPOP Smart Mask System [AirPOP]
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Aetheris Technology (Shanghai) Co.,LTD.
Sanitary/Beauty/Health goods and medical equipment for home
Aetheris Technology (Shanghai) Co.,LTD. (China)
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99.97% EFFICIENCY FOR PM2.5: 2-layer TorayMicron (Japan) nano-fiber core is electrostatically charged to block ultra-fine particles. Outer layers resist dust & oil. ADAPTIVE FIT: Ergonomic design specific for Asian facial form & features. Extensive 3D mapping led to proprietary unisex architecture. Fits wide adult spectrum, flexibly conforms to size and shape. BREATHABLE BY DESIGN: Domed shell stands off the face creating a canopy of clean air circulation. Micro-apertures evenly channel air for nose and mouth ensuring optimal heat & moisture exchange.


Aetheris Technology (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.


Christopher Hosmer


Christopher Hosmer, Travis Vogel

Christopher Hosmer

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Airpop smart mask is a mask designed to cope with air pollution, which is getting worse day by day in many cities in China. The mask has a dual layer design: the outer layer is made of a breathable, lightweight, high quality material, which also needs to be in a form to support the structure by hot forming with a three-dimensional mold in order to achieve more comfortable wearing. Also on the outer layer there is a valve design that keeps ventilation in one direction and secures smoother breathing. The inner layer part is an exchangeable air filter layer. It is possible to remove 99.97% of PM 2.5 carbon compound from air that passes through this nano + electrostatic filter layer, guaranteeing the quality of the intake air. There is also a layer of thin and soft silica gel on the inner layer, which has a very important role of increasing sealing in addition to improving wearability. Even without being conspicuous, this detailed design with advanced technological features has not yet been achieved by other competitors, and was also the point that impressed the judges. Also on the outer layer of the AirPop is a high-end smart matching sensing component to constantly inform the user of the status of air filtration via the mobile phone APP, and reminds the user when it is necessary to exchange a new inner layer. This point seems to be a problem that bothers many users in using a mask. Smart, effective, beautiful, according to judges, these are the reasons AirPop wins the award.

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