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MagicBean Smart Blocks [MagicBean]
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Kid STEAM education
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Shanghai BeanLab Technology Co.,Ltd. (China)
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Outline of Good Design Award winners 2017

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MagicBean Smart Blocks is a Wireless, Programmable, Easy-to-Build set of toy, that empowers kids of 5-12 with design thinking and coding. Kids could code in graphic coding app to define/control the action of physical blocks, by doing this, they could build things/invention to real with hardware and software.


BeanLab Technology


Xie-Jun Tan, Jian-Ming Zhang


Xie-Jun Tan, Jian-Ming Zhang


Market release pending


MagicBean is a programmable modular building block and is capable of power output. Currently it has eight modules of basic control, sensing, power output, information output and others. The most unique point of these modules is the possibility of an extended combination of LEGO''s building blocks and it is possible to create interactive and moveable objects. The product design is very delicate. Although it is of modular design, details of the design can be seen such as each module being designed in a unified language and the classification of the module type by color coding. The sense of design is seen also in the charging base shared by the four modules, and the quality feeling as a whole is very high. The part of software design has also been done very carefully, and the interface is simple, clean and easy to view and understand. The modules are connected by applying wireless Bluetooth technology, the interface image is displayed even as a further stereoscopic image, and the appearance is excellent. Compared to other similar smart module building blocks, this design is suitable for preschool children. Without needing much manual work, the children should be able to use Lego to make combinations of more fun, interactive and abstract works by leaving it to their own imaginations. The main reason why this design was appreciated by the judges is that it is simple and has a sense of design, and it can also be expanded based on existing products.

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