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Communications Equipment [Passenger Emergency Communications Unit (PECU) / Integrated Train Passenger Communications And Surveillance System]
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Large-Scale Systems Group, Transport Business Unit
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Singapore Technologies Electronics Limited (Singapore)
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Outline of Good Design Award winners 2014

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This device is known as the Passenger Emergency Communications Unit. It is found on trains such as Mass Rapid Train (MRT) and Light Rapid Train (LRT). It is usually installed within the train near the passenger entrance/exit doorways. Its main purpose is for passenger(s) to call and communicate with the train driver and/or the Operator Control Centre (OCC) in the event of an emergency.


Tan Seng Keong, Senior Manager (ST Electronics Limited)


S Sajjan, Product Manager (ST Electronics Limited)


Tan Seng Keong, Senior Manager (ST Electronics Limited), S Sajjan, Product Manager (ST Electronics Limited), Lester Sim (ST Electronics Limited), Martin Ho Fook Weng (ST Electronics Limited)

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An emergency communication unit for trains. Along with the frequent occurrence of natural disasters and the increase of large-scale accidents, the importance of these emergency communication units should once again be acknowledged. This product has a communication system with a speech-based interface and video images equipped with high-performance echo-cancelling and noise-cancelling functions. As cities are becoming internationalized at an accelerated pace, the complication of multiple language indications is becoming an issue for public systems. It is critical that anyone can take the correct action through the use of clear pictograms and design methods other than language. The simple outline with features of an icon, allow us to easily recognize this as emergency communication equipment, which we valued as a smart design solution.

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