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GOOD DESIGN|グッドフォーカス賞 [新ビジネスデザイン]

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Direct trade online platform for green coffee [TYPICA]
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TYPICA Inc. (Japan)
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TYPICA is the world's first online platform that enables coffee roasters to connect with coffee producers throughout the world and directly trade with one another from one bag of green beans. We increase the profitability of farmers and the added value for roasters, and contribute to the market share expansion of specialty coffee. We want a cup of coffee you drink to be more diverse and tastier.


Ayane Yamada, Co-Founder, TYPICA, Inc.

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Coffee firms have concerns that their income is reduced because beans are traded via many middlemen and that no matter how good beans are produced on a farm basis, firms are not rewarded because beans are traded together with those produced in the same production area in a bunch. Due to these structural problems, some farms were in the red even though they produced good coffee beans. Then, TYPICA enabled direct trading of raw coffee beans in one bag unit between coffee producers and town coffee roasters. Now, the company trades coffee beans produced in 19 countries to 53 countries around the world. Good beans are traded at a reasonable price even when they are produced by a small farm. There was an actual case where the wholesale price rose up to 30 times. In addition, even a small coffee roaster can buy beans from a variety of farms and can serve specialty coffee with unique taste. As a result, we, consumers can drink delicious coffee. This is truly a project creating a "win-win-win" situation.

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