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Good Design Award

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baby tableware [Fadi baby suction bowl set]
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Chang Yang Material Corp.
Childcare goods and accessories
Chang Yang Material Corp. (Taiwan)
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Outline of Good Design Award winners 2021

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FADI is a user-friendly suction bowl designed for babies. Unlike the traditional exposed silicone suction which can be easily released from the table, our patented hidden suction cups help them learn to eat more independently and with less effort. Full of appealing features, the ergonomic S-wave-shaped rim of the bowl allows children to dig for food more easily.


Chang Yang Material Corp.


Ming Hua Huang, Chairman/ Lung Hsun Song, Director/ Zheng Xing Chen, Deputy Director


Yu Ling Wan, Product Designer/ Tsao Po Wei, Mechanical Engineer, Yi Ting Hung/ Visual Designer, Yi Ting Chung/ Marketing

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Unlike traditional dishes with suction cups, this table wear assumes guardians affix the dish to the table. Employing independently developed hidden suction cups with an adhesiveness that makes it difficult for children to move, these dishes make it possible for children just beginning to experience the joy of eating on their own to experience a sense of achievement, which is outstanding. Checks of various details, including the wave shape of the mouth developed based on the observation of children's wrist movements, rim that can easily be saved with a spoon, and shape of the bottom indicate the company's love of children. For the lids and cutlery, silicon-based calming blue and pink are used as accent colors, and for the main material PA66 plastic, an ivory color scheme like that of pottery is used, making it possible to feel the ingenious ways used so that children recognize their place at the dinner table and enjoy the color of the food.

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