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GOOD DESIGN|グッドデザイン・ベスト100

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rolling stock [Kintetsu 80000series[HINOTORI]]
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Kintetsu Railway
Railway, Shipping, Aircraft
Kintetsu Railway (Japan)
The Kinki Sharyo Co.,Ltd. (Japan)
GK Industrial Design Inc. (Japan)
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A new limited express train connecting Osaka Nanba and Kintetsu Nagoya with the concept of "Upgraded Relaxation ". The aim is to change the travel time of all users into relaxing time by introducing a "back shell" into each seat and setting up a service space. The exterior has a dignity design that is suitable for an express train between cities in consideration of harmony with the landscape.


Kintetsu Railway


Technical Supervision Div., Planning Dept., Kintetsu Railway + Shigenori Asakura, GK Industrial Design


Shigenori Asakura, Kosuke Wakao, Gaku Negishi, Kei Tsujimoto, GK Industrial Design

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It would be fair to say that the Kintetsu Limited Express has redefined the new standard for intercity express trains. Most passengers on intercity express trains spend their journey sleeping. However, when they reclined their seats, the passengers behind them often felt uncomfortable. Conversely, many passengers refrained from fully reclining their seats out of consideration for those behind them. As a result of this meticulous analysis of passenger needs, all seats have been fitted with a “back shell.” While this has reduced the train’s capacity, the company’s management were doubtless prepared for this eventuality. Kintetsu takes care of its rolling stock, which enables the company to continue using the same carriages for 30 years or more. We wish to offer high praise for this flagship of the company’s fleet, with its space and universally appealing design that will not grow stale on passengers, which has resulted from a resolute and foresighted decision by the management team.

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