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Laboratory Glass Bottle System [DURAN YOUTILITY Laboratory Bottle System]
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DURAN Group GmbH
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DURAN Group GmbH (Germany)
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Outline of Good Design Award winners 2014

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The DURAN YOUTILITY borosilicate glass laboratory bottle system addresses the critical issues of safe handling and bottle identification through the systematic and careful design of the individual components. All the bottles feature ergonomic hand grip zones for more comfortable and safer handling, and are available in four sequential sizes: 125, 250, 500 and 1000 mL. The ergonomically-shaped cap and the bottle have areas for the attachment of self-adhesive labels. The elastic silicone Bottle Tags allow the simple colour personalization of bottles that are used in shared laboratory areas.


Alexander Cross, Axel Weindorf Technical Team DURAN Group


Alistair Rees Product Management DURAN Group


Norbert Koop, Anna Beelte, Stefan Espenhahn, Jan Sokoll Koop Industrial Design. Oliver Hesse, Frank Eigler, Iris Schneider, Daniel Gumbert, Yvonne Kiel, Scheufele Hesse Eigler Kommunikationsagentur

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These are glass medium bottles used such as in laboratories. Currently most glass medium bottles are cylindrical, and the issue is that it is difficult even for a man to hold a large sized bottle. These products focus on the fact that many users of medium bottles are women and give maximum consideration to the usability of women and users with small hands. These bottles have a concave shape which is easy for small sized hands to hold, and an inverted cone-shaped cap can be opened/closed with fewer rotations due to the idea of its screw thread, realizing secure and safe operability. The silicone tag for bottle identification has high visibility, and gives a comfortable feeling from the aspect of colors. The design of these products, approached with "Kodawari (insistence)" and "Kansei (feeling)," is a high-quality design which brings comfort in appearance as well as safety and functionality to laboratories that are often bleak.

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