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GOOD DESIGN|グッドデザイン大賞

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Air Multiplier [Air Multiplier AMO1, AMO2, AMO3]
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Dyson K.K
Living - Home Appliances
Dyson KK (Japan)
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Outline of Good Design Award winners 2010

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Using air multiplier technology, the product smoothes out air flow and eliminates unpleasant wind's unevenness. It blows a smooth, continuous stream of air at up to 450 litre per second. Suctioned air goes through the circular opening in the loop amplifier and accelerates. It furthermore passes over the airfoil-shaped ramp, creating a circle-shaped air flow and controlling wind direction. The circle-shaped air flow involutes the surrounding air and produces 15 to 18 times the wind volume of the suctioned air. Compared to the AMO1, the AMO2 produces 30% more and the AMO3 50% more air according to usable space. Because there are no blades, the product is safe and easy to maintain. For the AMO1, the knob allows precise adjustment of wind volume. For the AMO2 and AMO3 models, a remote control is provided.


James Dyson


James Dyson

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The first thing to note is that they have developed the world's safest fan. Every year, there are accidents throughout the world in which children stick their fingers into fans. I'd first like to evaluate the safety of this fan. Because it has no blades, it is easy to clean and its center of gravity is low, so it is significantly stable. In a sense, this is a brand-new concept, perhaps even a "revolution" in fans, and it serves as an incentive to today's engineers and designers.

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