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GOOD DESIGN|グッドデザイン金賞

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Automobiles [FCX Clarity]
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Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
Mobility and networks - Devices and equipment for human transportation
Honda Motor Co.,Ltd. (Japan)
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Outline of Good Design Award winners 2008

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The FCX Clarity offers significantly better environmental performance as a zero-emissions vehicle. To interest more people and convey the new potential and appeal of fuel cell cars, the developers sought a fresh sedan layout clearly different from vehicles with traditional internal combustion engines. Their approach took advantage of the freedom in the power plant layout of this innovative V Flow platform. The developers also made this new layout comfortable enough for regular use as a four-passenger sedan, ensured ample storage space in the trunk and elsewhere, and in other aspects of exterior and interior design made the FCX Clarity more than just a vehicle that supports environment measures. Instead, the car inspires a sense of excitement about the future (a hallmark of next-generation fuel cell cars) while remaining true to automotive heritage.


Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Honda R&D Co., Ltd., Automobile R&D Center, Operating Officer, General Manager, Styling Design Development Division, Nobuki Ebisawa


onda R&D Co., Ltd., Automobile R&D Center, Department1 Styling Design Development Division, Assistant Chief Designer, Masaru Hasegawa / Assistant Chief Designer, Yozo Takagi

左:エクステリア担当/長谷川勝 右:インテリア担当/高木陽蔵

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With its unique design concept of carrying its own generator, this next-generation fuel cell car embodies new ideas for combating the worldwide issue of eliminating CO2 emissions. When running, it succeeds in achieving a level of comfort and sensibility that has never before been seen in gasoline-powered cars. Its interior and exterior design fully reflects new possibilities for premium automobiles, and exemplifies futuristic, attractive design. In the United States, it has earned high marks with its practical strategy of $600 per month lease agreements.

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