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GOOD DESIGN|グッドデザイン・ベスト100

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Public Housing Complex for Families [Onoji Apartment Complex in Kamiyama Town]
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Kamiyama Town Office
Small sized housing complex
Kamiyama Town Office (Japan)
Kamiyama TSUNAGU Corporation (Japan)
Kamiyama-No-Asu Design Consorcium (Japan)
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Outline of Good Design Award winners 2022

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The public housing complex for families in Kamiyama town, Tokushima Prefecture. The town office redeveloped an old dormitory site into a new housing complex with 20 dwelling units and an open space. The construction was proceeded in 4 years to make effective use of local materials and local talent. This housing complex is expected to be taken over by future generations in a good condition.


Kamiyama Town Office


Kamiyama TSUNAGU Corporation


Kamiyama-No-Asu Design Consorcium


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This project is a townhouse with the purpose of promoting migration to Kamiyama Town, Tokushima Prefecture. Even though this is a housing project, it starts with the design of how the garden should be. The project is thorough in a way that each and every process is taken by hand, such as the selection of plants that suit the natural vegetation of the region, as well as the process of growing the seedlings with local high school students. The design of the townhouse is not unconventional, but it has a carefully constructed wooden structure. The first floor is an earthen floor-like space open to the community, and the second floor is a space for families. It is designed with a universal mindset in which housing can be used for 100 years without being affected by lifestyle changes. Akuigawa Common, a base for supporting child rearing and making a place for local residents, is built on the site. By allowing not only migrants but also a variety of actors involved in the town to have an active role, it can also serve as a base for exchanges. Instead of a concept of simply creating homes for migrants, it allows migrants to naturally understand the history and multilayered nature of life in Kamiyama through gardening and involvement in the Common. Moreover, the rule that makes residents get involved in the management and operation of the garden is designed to provide an opportunity to naturally participate in the community in Kamiyama. It is a wonderful project that makes residents feel the new phase of community planning in Kamiyama.

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