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GOOD DESIGN|グッドデザイン大賞

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avatar robot cafe [AVATAR ROBOT CAFE DAWN ver.b and avatar robot OriHime]
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OryLab Inc.
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ORY Laboratory inc, (Japan)
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Outline of Good Design Award winners 2021

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OriHime & OriHime-D invented by OriLab are avatar robots created to be used by all, regardless of age, gender and whether or not they have disabilities.DAWN cafe is a place that lets users learn and experience how to operate OriHime-D in a safe environment. Most of these users will be recruited through our staffing service AVATAR GUILD, created to help everybody to smoothly become part of society.


KENTARO Yoshifuji, CEO of ORY Laboratory inc,


MEIZA Suzuki, project manager of AVATAR ROBOT CAFE, ORY Laboratory inc,


OYAMATSU DESIGN STUDIO INC. Designer & CEO Minoru Oyamatsu

オヤマツデザイン デザイナー親松実

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An epoch-making business that removes "obstacles" faced by those who want to work but cannot work due to disabilities, by using technology and UX, focusing on the development of alter-ego robots. When you actually visit the cafe, you can see that it is designed so that you can feel that you are being served by not a robot but by a person maneuvering the robot. In other words, this project is very meaningful in that it is designed to create a vibrant contact point between ordinary persons and the disabled via the robot as medium, rather than the robot being designed so that even the disabled can operate it. In addition, it is highly evaluated that the cafe also serves as a place for recruitment matching between employers and the applicant disabled, as well as a place for working training for those with little social experience, and that it has achieved successful cases that have actually led to constant employment at private companies. We expect that the cafe itself will not only be developed in Japan and overseas, but will also serve as a starting point for further expansion of contact between people with various disabilities who want work, companies, and consumers.

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