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Adventurous Global School [Adventurous Global School]
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Adventurous Global Schools
14-03 Construction/space design for public facility
Orient Occident Atelier OOA (Hong Kong)
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Outline of Good Design Award winners 2019

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Adventurous Global School, located in the Sneung village in Battambang, services more than 250 students at its opening. With its unique "Griddy system", the architecture team combined ironmongery sets that could be attached to the 2-story tall light gauge steel frame in different ways, so voids can be 'activated' creatively for learning & teaching uses according to different curriculums.


Magic Kwan, Kenrick Wong


Christie Yeung, Jasmine Chan

Co-founders: Magic Kwan (Left) & Kenrick Wong (Right)

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The smallness in scale does not limit the vision and ambition of this project. The project is a good example of how creative and attentive desgin can bring positive changes to human life. This Jury appreciates the designer's attentiveness to the local's physical, climatic, cultural and social conditions. While we appreciate their use of vernacular construction means and materials, the architectural design is not bound by the traditional vernacular forms. They have brought forth a new architectural design that is a good integration of both the vernacular and the contemporary. Their concept of ' Griddy' structure has been well used as a metaphor and physically provides a structure that can continue with its own organic growth. Griddy itself is as an open language and space that allows for flexibility and changes alongwith time. The architecture itself well reflects the school's education philosophy that is supporting to openness, creativity, playfulness.

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