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GOOD DESIGN|中小企業庁長官賞

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X-ray Inspection System for food [SX2040W Series]
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System Square Inc.
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System Square Inc. (Japan)
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Outline of Good Design Award winners 2010

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An X-ray foreign matter inspection system for food products. The world’s most compact and least expensive such system, which also greatly reduces maintenance, it is meant for the world’s medium-sized to small food manufacturers, which are the overwhelming majority of food producers. Almost all foods found at supermarkets and convenience stores are processed at factories and then 100% checked using foreign matter inspection systems before shipment. Currently, the most widely used foreign matter inspection systems are for metal alone, but this system can also check for other foreign matter such as glass, bone, stone and plastic, as well as metal. It takes X-ray images and then analyzes them with original image processing technology, and instantly distinguishes foreign matter contained in food and automatically rejects defective products. Also, a new model (curtain-less type) has been added to expand the series in response to market needs to inspect products that are not yet packaged.


Kiyotaka Yamada, Representative director, System Square Inc.


Hisamitsu Saito, Design Department, System Square Inc.


Hisamitsu Saito, Design Department, System Square Inc.

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The world's most compact and complete X-ray foreign-matter inspection system for food products received high marks for reducing the number of screws and other protrusions as much as possible, for its streamlined shape, and its mirror-like polished surface. Its software was developed in-house and facilitates intuitive operation of the control panel, and we liked the fact that the device is designed so that maintenance issues can be resolved from several angles. We hereby report that the entire Screening Committee unanimously recommended this product for the Good Design Award of Small and Medium Enterprises.

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