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GOOD DESIGN|中小企業庁長官賞

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chair [Comodo]
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Miyazaki Chair Factory Co.,Ltd.
Living - Home Furnisings and Interior Design
Miyazaki Chair mill co.,ltd (Japan)
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Outline of Good Design Award winners 2010

* chair [sansa chair], chair [GINA], chair [Comodo] are granted as 1 special award for Good Design Award of and Medium Enterprises.

Outline* The shown information is the one as of the awarded date and might has been changed.


Functional stools with an elastic seat and a carrying handle.


Inoda + Sveje


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Miyazaki Chair Factory Co.,Ltd has created a number of excellent chair products. Here is a product that lets the user luxuriate in its excellent engineering. The pleasant feel of the wooden frame common to all chairs has further enhanced their value. The company offers numerous chairs, in Western and Japanese styles, a range of sizes and designs from basic to refined to suit the environment, anticipating many kinds of functions and uses. The business is truly concerned with the concept of chairs, so much so that it even has the word "Isu" ("chair") in its name. Product structure and production techniques entail original research and ideas, and the company's workshop development approach that brings in outside designers and its cultivation of designers reveal a desire to work for true novelty. Breaking away from old patterns, the company keeps searching for the following types of relationships with producers, sellers and users. It is remarkable that this effort has revealed itself in the form of value. Maintenance and after-sale service are also taken into account, and the reason the company fascinates and satisfies so many users can be found in the chairs it makes.

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