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GOOD DESIGN|グッドデザイン・ベスト100

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complex facility [Shibuya PARCO HULIC building]
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PARCO CO.,LTD. + Hulic Co., Ltd.
Construction/space design for commercial use
PARCO CO.,LTD. (Japan)
Hulic Co., Ltd. (Japan)
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Outline of Good Design Award winners 2020

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This is a reconstruction project of the Shibuya PARCO flagship store, which has shaped culture together with the town of Shibuya since the 1970s. Aiming to provide the town with a hub for creating and conveying the future culture of Shibuya, we constructed this new building with a concept of creating liveliness in all areas of the contents, building, community development and urban systems.


PARCO CO., LTD. + Hulic Co., Ltd.


Yuuji Hamano, Yoshiharu Kabe, Design Department, TAKENAKA CORPORATION


Nobuhiko Kakitani, Honoka Koiwa, Yasuhiro Yoshida, Design Department, TAKENAKA CORPORATION

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This project for the reconstruction of Shibuya PARCO involved integrating two buildings previously divided by a road into a single block and adding new functions, including a theater and offices, as well as a public space in the form of a spiral walkway around the outside of the building that takes advantage of the increased floor area ratio resulting from the special urban renaissance district system. The street culture that has spontaneously sprung up at nearby Koen-dori and Spain-zaka—named at the time of Shibuya PARCO’s 1973 opening—is essential to the formation of Shibuya’s distinctive atmosphere. It is splendid to see that the road that once ran between the Part 1 and Part 3 buildings has been absorbed into the facility in the form of a pedestrian street lined with new stores, so that strolling along the spiral walk around the outside of the building from Spain-zaka creates the experience of wandering through city streets, even though the walkway is part of the building and runs in a line extending up Shibuya’s hill from its valley. At a time when the significance of physical stores is being questioned, we wish to offer high praise for the whole of this project as an innovative facility that, through its building and MD, embodies the coherent idea that developing paths creates districts, and that chemical changes and mixtures create culture.

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