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Automatic Soap Dispenser [Mi]
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Xiaomi Inc.
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Xiaomi Inc. (China)
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Outline of Good Design Award winners 2018

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Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser is a touch-free automatic soap dispenser. Equipped with near-field infrared sensor technology, it detects users' hands under the dispenser mouth immediately, releases just the right amount of soap assuring the most effective and efficient cleaning results. Its micro-foam pump offers thick foam that turns quickly into a luxurious lather. As a compact, minimalist, space-saving hand-washing solution, it blends well with any bathroom or kitchen decor style. It is an attractive, hygienic and durable dispenser, delivering a high quality, luxurious hand washing experience.


Xiaomi Inc.


Li Ningning


Industrial Design Team of Mi Ecosystem (You Mengling)

Market release pending


Although there are many automatic soap dispensers in the market, this contactless automatic soap dispenser still presents outstanding innovation and quality in all aspects. It is equipped with near-field infrared sensor technology and a self-developed micro-foam gas-liquid pump, which can instantly produce thick soap foam of up to 16:1 vapor–liquid ratio in 0.25 seconds after detecting the user's hand under the dispenser mouth. With a release of 0.8g and a time of 5 seconds, the user can complete the hand washing action, saving 60% of the hand sanitizer and 50% of the water compared to a traditional hand sanitizer, while maintaining the most effective cleaning effect. It is powered by 4, AA batteries and can be used up to 30,000 times. Its intelligent low-noise motor keeps noise below 40dB, very quiet even when used at night. Its compact, minimalist, low-key design blends perfectly with any bathroom or kitchen to provide a high-quality, elegant hand-washing experience.

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