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Smart Earphones [Migu Mobius]
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Migu Digital Media Co.,Ltd.
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Hefei XIVO Design Co.,Ltd. (China)
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Outline of Good Design Award winners 2018

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Mobius is a new concept smart headset created by Migu company which belongs to CMCC in 2017. With the APP called Ling Xi, it is the world's first new intelligent headset that enables Chinese voice command transmission, real-time Chinese-English translation, sports pedometer statistics and real-time heart rate measurement broadcast.Headset needs to measure and broadcast the heart rate at any time when the user is exercising, the style of the Mobius must have both a sporty sense of fashion and a sense of technology, but also have good wear comfort and maintain a steady performance.


Migu Digital Media Co.,Ltd.


Xin Liu/ Yu Hu/ Cong Wen


Chengan Xia/ Chao Jing/ Min Wei/ Jiuzhou Zhang

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To be precise, this is not just a “headset,” but a smart assistant in your ear. It is the world's first wearable device that integrates real-time Chinese voice commands, Chinese-English translation, sports and pedometer data statistics, heart rate measurement and reporting. It optimizes complex Chinese input through advanced technology, and creates a new real-time interactive relationship between users, mobile phones and headsets, and greatly improves the user's convenience and comfort in voice control while linking Internet services anytime and anywhere. It greatly expands the "headset" service function, releasing the user's hands. At the same time, the innovative structure optimization and simple shape design make it perfectly integrated in the technological sense and fashion sense of the product, resulting in an innovative product that redefines the value of “headset.”

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