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ParkUp is the exclusive brand of Plan b's placemaking projects. The primary objective of ParkUp is to renovate idle spaces throughout the city into local-adapted open spaces by 3 principles: 1. Under 165 m2 - Planning for small idle space only. 2. Inclusive Design - Adapting the concept of Inclusive Design 3. Localization - Designing Localization-ally. Not only in Taiwan but cities around the world face the same situation of inefficient land use. Unplanned urban sprawl will negatively influence cities' resilience and sustainability. ParkUp, in some way, could be a potential solution to it.


Plan b


Justin Yu, Hsien-Wen Chang, Chia-Chi Lin

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Facing the miscellaneous, small and unformulated lands and spreading rough corners scattered around in Taipei City, Taiwan, the design team "Plan b" of this work carried out a perfect research study on miscellaneous vacant lands of the entire city and proceeded one step further to propose an "Urban Regeneration" program to the government. On one hand, they are proposing a series of community life ideas and projects for the city "extra small spaces" on the community network; and on the other hand, they are recruiting young generation's social organizations and building parks in new forms which belong to communities in corners of the city. Senior citizens, families, children, and citizens of the city from one community joining together as a community are creating comfortable public spaces. This work not only deals with the regeneration problem of the corners of the city which are present everywhere in Taipei and are not being utilized by anyone, and furthermore, it is creating community spaces that are safe, open, comfortable, and will be long-lasting through co-creation and sharing mechanism!

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