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Cafe, Restaurant [T. CAFE]
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LAAB Architects
Interior design for shop and public space
LAAB (Hong Kong)
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Outline of Good Design Award winners 2017

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The Environmental Protection Department of Hong Kong would like to have a refreshment area at T. PARK, a sludge-treatment facility and education centre. We designed T. CAFE, a self-serving light-refreshment cafe with furniture fabricated using fender woods collected from demolished Wan Chai Pier. Through innovative use of recycled materials in our design, T. CAFE echoes with the purpose of T. PARK, which is to promote environmental conservation and sustainability.


Environmental Protection Department (HKSAR Government), VW-VES (HK) Limited


Yip Chun Hang, Otto Ng, Ricci Wong, Jesse Hau (LAAB), with Roy Ng


Zion Chan, Kenneth Cheung, Carolyn Tam, Tat Lau, Happy Yam, Phoebe Ng, Catherine Cheng, Tyrus Lui, Anson Ma, Hon Chan, CK Wong, Kelvin Lam (LAAB), with Milkxhake, Stylo Vision, and CKK

LAAB Architects

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A highly sensitive and provacative project that embody a strong narrative that links the unique context of the site: a refreshment area within a sludge-treatment facility and education centre that promotes environmental conservation and sustainability A marvellous application of the remains of the disused pier, that of the fender woods, adopting a very logical and objective way to apply to the furniture based on the degree of aging/damage of the wood, the resulting artifacts full of surprise and poetryThe presentation of he project the video clips of the transportation of the fender wood and the manufacturing process are equally impressiveA brilliant case demonstrating the balanced emphasis on process and end-results, a highly encouraging way of doing things these days!

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