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Primary School [Kai Tak Primary School]
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Architectural Services Department, The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
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Architectural Services Department (Hong Kong)
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Outline of Good Design Award winners 2017

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A school is a community: a micro-society, a mini city within a city. It is an oasis yet has a direct relationship with the city at large. The concept is to bring the students and teachers together with the playground and other spaces and activities, to encourage interactions. Breaking away from the typical densely built 8-storey school building in Hong Kong with the ball court on the ground, this school adopts a low-rise 4-storey design, with the basketball court raised on the first floor, sited in the middle of the school campus, creating a focus, pulling together spaces and activities.


Architectural Services Department, The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region


Ms. Alice YEUNG (Chief Architect)


Mr. Thomas WAN (Senior Architect), Ms. Tuesday LI (Project Architect)

Thomas WAN

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The School was handed over to the school operator on


A great of efforts have been employed to break the undesirable rigid mound of a typical primary school in the context of Hong Kong where uniformity prevails The design objective to associate the school as a microcosm of a traditional walled village and further extension to that of a "micro-city" is highly appreciated, creating a desirable analogy of an urban context for the students to exploreAnother merit of the project goes to the breaking the boundaries of individual spaces, endeavour to create various associations and connections There is indeed a much commendable fluidity between outdoor and indoor areas, and the idea of an "outer room" is a unique approach to enrich the spatial experiences for the students The non-typical vertical zoning of the major areas including the basketball court to the centre of the whole complex is a smart move indeed

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