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Water Station Basic [Aqua Touch Desktop Instant-heating Water Purifier]
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Household goods and daily necessities
Honeywell (China)
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Outline of Good Design Award winners 2017

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Exclusively designed for Chinese mother-baby users who prefer direct drinkable hot water purified by advanced reverse osmosis technology. The main pain point solved is traditional undersink water purifier can't provide instant hot water for brewing milk powder. Meanwhile it can be easily placed in the narrow space of Chinese kitchen or living room, etc. without any complicated installation, offering mother-baby an integrated and convenient solution for purified, drinkable cold and hot water.




Honeywell HUE Studio


Stephen Lu, Erica Lin, Qiang Peng, Dezhi Yang, Yolanda Chen, Chenghao Wang, Felix Fan, Leo Liu

Market release pending


This is a device designed to help brand-new mothers make milk with milk powder conveniently and safely. When a baby is hungry and crying for milk, everyone as a parent will start feeling rushed, and run about busily trying to make milk and put it in the baby's mouth in the shortest time. This device suitable for making milk from powder was developed to promptly achieve the purpose. First of all, this device can be used indoors. A filter element for filtering water is attached inside the machine. Mineral water may be used in the water tank, and once it becomes necessary to make milk, the water is heated to a suitable temperature and the water quality is guaranteed to be safe and clean. The method of exchanging the filter element is very simple, and as soon as the back cover of the machine is opened, the water tank and the filter element can be seen and the maintenance is very convenient. I used to be a nursing father who often got up in the middle night and made milk. I am keenly aware of how happy I could have been had I found such a convenient and safe machine at that time. Its simple design, convenient operation, safety and reliability are the reasons this product was awarded.

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